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How to beat stress by eating right With exams round the corner, it is bit normal for children and parents to come under pressure and stress. You may be glad to know that  what you eat make a difference to how you cope with stress.Studies found that what you eat can alter your mood, change stress levels, irritability and boost calmness. Further, it has been reported that unhealthy meals enhances stress levels. Another

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Suggested Title — Vertical Farming: A Green Solution for Overpopulated CitiesAccess to fresh, healthy food is a national issue. While the United States has seen a rise in farmer’s markets and an increase in organic, local foods at grocery stores, the fact remains that the price to obtain fresh and healthy foods is steep. Many problems encircle the issue of fresh foods including the price of fresh fruits and vegetables

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Everyone knowsthat unhealthy food causes different health problems. Then what is the reasonfor our attraction towards junk food? The odor, color, texture of the food is mouthwatering that we can’t resist. Anotherreason for our attraction is the composition of food macronutrients – amixture of proteins, fats, and carbohydrates.  Inthe case of junk food, food producers are looking for the perfect combinationof salt, sugar and fat, which stimulate your brain and make

Diabetes and dietary control

Diabetes is a sets of disease through which the body cannot regulate the amount of glucose within the body. Glucose is the substances that can give energy to out body to perform physical activities. if the body could not produce enough insulin or the cells do not respond this usually causes diabetes. There are various types of diabetes that can accrued, but mostly it is controllable with help of advanced

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Students’ views on eating junk food versus eating healthy food.  The resources I will be using for my report is article, videos and my interviews. I chose this topic, because there are a lot of people on the island who are overweight. This is usually because they are eating too much junk or do not eat well. And there are also a lot of people right now who want to

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WHAT HAPPENS TO YOUR BRAIN WHEN YOU EAT JUNK FOODMost of thepeople know that unhealthy food causes different health problems like bloodpressure, heart problems and much more. Then why we are so attracted to junk food? The smell, color, texture of thefood is so attractive that you can’t resist. Another reason is the actualcomposition of food macronutrients – a mixture of proteins, fats, and carbohydrates. In the case of”junk” food, food producers

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Have got dieting on your mind as your new year resolution?  Don’t worry; you have just got yourself atreat of yummy and healthy meal plans! Fresh fruits and veggies, keto diet,protein shakes, a piece of lean meat, nuts and so on- enjoy the balanced PaleoMeal Plans.The Healthy Xpress Paleo Meal Plans are based on a balanceddiet chart nuts with moderate amount of low glycemic carbs and gluten freebreads. This is

Reference example

The literature on food access Indicates that people from low income backgrounds experience higher rates of food insecurity and obesity, and studies have found that affordability is a primary reason given for not choosing healthy foods (Bannered 2007; Nines-Hughes et al 2011, p. 21 5 Thus, the assessment of food cost and affordability are essential steps in better understanding individual and community food choices. Food costs entered the political limelight

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