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For those who have actually have shared an experience with video games, you may understand the impact that it places on our ability to interact, imagine, and perceive the world. Even though the concept of video games may not sound appealing to everyone, and may even be disliked by some.Video Games are something that I’ve come back to over and over again throughout my entire life, being able to follow Akira and the rest of the Phantom Thieves as they change the world for the better, or following Link on his quest to save Zelda, or Rex and Pyra on the road to Elysium and dozens of other stories that I was able to connect with throughout my life.I believe in the power of video games, those disks, cartridges and pixels play an integral role in my life.

Why? Because I believe that video games are helpful in order to develop a well rounded person both emotionally, creatively, and morally with experiences you are unable to encounter in the real world.I recall my first experience with a gaming tournament that I signed up for. It was on a Friday night in a coffee shop about 20 minutes away from my home, I was with my best friend, with a controller in hand we both walked in. The strong smell of coffee hit me almost immediately, I felt my hands begin to sweat around the grip of my controller. I looked around and saw about 30 other people all here for the same reason, because we all liked this kids game and were willing to compete mercilly over it. The sight was something completely foreign to me, seeing so many people of different ages all gathered around in one area, each one of us wearing our favorite characters on our shirt. I’ve only seen environments like this online, never once thinking I would participate in one, the aura I was feeling was something inexplicable, something that can only be felt when you’re there in person.

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This is an event that I could have only experienced with the help of video games, I’m not the type of person to go to conventions, or concerts. This first tournament of mine was eye opening, although I may not have won (or even got close to winning) I was able to witness something brand new, and understand that games are not a sport or a competition. This helped me break out of my shell and participate in something new, something different, and something I enjoyed.That same year, I was introduced to a new game, I purchased a copy of a Persona 5, a game that follows 6 high school students and a cat as they unveil and destroy corrupt adults and corporations . I emotionally invested into this game, looking forward to being able to play it every night. I was constantly faced with different moral choices, eventually having the fate of the world on my shoulder, both options leading to a conventionally moral, or chaotic ending. While it would have been a better gaming experience, personally, to go down the “chaotic” route, I felt obligated to keep the characters principle in line to reach the end goal, safety from corruption.

There will always be the argument that video games are useless, or even bad for developing children but as you can probably see they can provide valuable experiences. These are just some examples that I and any other video game player have been through. I will continue to pursue this hobby of mine, with the goal of obtaining new experiences and life lessons.

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