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Last updated: October 1, 2019

For my review I have used the online databasePubmed for literature search.

All relevant articles about exosomes arepublished in Pubmed, therefore I have not used any other online databases.Table 1. shows the keywords I have used in mysearch. This search resulted in 128 hits in Pubmed on January 10, 2018. To reduce this number of articles Iused exclusion criteria.My first exclusion criterion was when the typeof research was a review. This resulted in 69 articles that were reviews andtherefore excluded after which a total of 59 articles remained.

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My secondexclusion criterion was when the article was not a primary research article,other than a review, but for example a comment on an article (5), a corrigendum(1), a registered report (1) or other (4). I also excluded one article of whichthere was no full text article available in English.  This left a total amount of 47 eligibleprimary research articles. My third exclusion criterion was when the word ‘niche’ was named less than 5times in the article, including the title and abstract but excludingreferences. I excluded these articles because these articles or the primaryresearch were not focused on the pre-metastatic niche formation which is thesubject of my research question.

This exclusion criterion excluded 19 articles.I also excluded the articles that named ‘exosome’ or something similar, ‘EV’ or’extracellular vesicle’, less than 5 times. I used this exclusion criterionbecause the focus is not on the exosome which is the focus of my researchquestion. This excluded one article leaving a total amount of 27 eligibleresearch articles. My next exclusion criterion was when the research method wasin vitro only. I selected this exclusion criterion because in vitro researchprovides less proof than in vivo research. Therefore, the in vivo research articlesare of more value for my article because these research articles provide themost evidence.

This criterion excluded 8 articles, leaving 19 articles which.After reading these 19 articles I excluded another 6 articles. All though Ithink these are important articles for better understanding of the pre-metastaticniche for my review however it would be too much information and would make myreview to widely focused. These 6 articles were mainly focused on differentsubjects than my research question. The subjects they were focused on were: dormancy,glucose metabolism, the suppression of the pre-metastatic niche formation byexosomes derived from poorly metastatic cancer cell lines and host matrix modulationwithout a focus on the pre-metastatic niche. Another article I excluded was aboutNK-cell derived exosomes which does not fit my research question because it is aboutspecifically about tumor derived exosomes.

After this 13 articles remained whichI all included.

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