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Last updated: March 23, 2019

For business owners, Instagram can be a bit of a mystery and intimidating at the same time. Others would say that it would be too difficult to be famous on Instagram if you’re not a celebrity. Regardless of your aims with Instagram, first you need to build a solid presence to connect and engage with your target market. Let me share with you my top tips in using Instagram for your brand.1. Hashtags must be a part of your strategy.

Besides your image, your hashtags are the most important aspect of your post. Captions define the story behind the image, while hashtags on the other hand allows your post to be seen by those outside your circle of followers. These are the top strategies that you can use in choosing hashtags:-Popular hashtags have higher chances of getting searched for (e.g., #love, #tbt, etc.) -Use highly-relevant hashtags but less popular hashtags. Few users may see your posts, but the ones who do find you will be more targeted.

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-Use popular hashtags that will attract new followers. (#followme, #follow4follow and #follow)Always include at least one hashtag on each of your post. Don’t worry too much about using too many hashtags, because research shows that user engagement is highest on posts that have 10+ hashtags!2.

Be part of the Instagram community.Building relationships with other users can help your brand. Instagram isn’t only about sharing pictures and short videos, but also forming community around these posts. You can be part of the community by using hashtags and liking and commenting on other users’ posts. Doing so can help you connect with users you may never otherwise have met and engage with a community that can help you build your own followers.3. Use images that describes your brand’s desired vibe.

The most popular and most successful brands on Instagram know and understand the importance of how images contribute to the identity of their brand. These successful brands usually have a theme to their images which is related to their company image. Promotional posts and random shots of your brand are important on Instagram, but don’t also forget to offer something from your mission and your story.4. Optimize your profile.Optimizing your Instagram profile is very important because this affects how many people click-through your site and how they will view your brand.

You can follow these steps on how you can optimize your profile:-Use images and description according to your brand’s vibe-Include a link to your website. -Use a company logo in your profile because this will help the users know that it’s the company’s official profile.-If you have a local business, make sure that you include your physical location.5. Use Instagram ads to extend the reach of your posts.Instagram allows all business to advertise on their platform. As of the moment, you need a Facebook account to create an Instagram ad.

You can create your ads using Facebook ads manager or Power Editor. You may want to test out ads for your brand to extend the reach of your posts. This Instagram feature is worth trying for your business.I hope these tips and strategies will motivate you to start using Instagram as part of your marketing strategy. There are growing numbers of marketers using the platform and as time has passed, Instagram has proven useful to a lot of businesses, regardless of size or industry.

What’s your best Instagram growth or engagement tip?

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