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For this assignment, Iwill be critically appraising the article, ‘Theassociation of responsiveness in oral and general health-related quality oflife with patients’ satisfaction ofnew complete dentures’ by authors Hsiao-Ching Kuo, Ying-Se Kuo, I-Chen Lee, Jen-Chyan Wang& Yi-Hsin Yang – published in 2012. I will be discussing the title, the main authorinvolved in the study & the results. Also, the structure of the article will be mentioned,along with the style of writing – keywords whichmight be relevant or need further reading to understand, along with otherremarks. The critical appraisal will close with a conclusion of my findings.Thepurpose of this critical appraisal is ‘toidentify the strengths & weaknesses of a research article in order toassess the usefulness and validity of research findings.

‘(Medscape, 2009).It was clear from reading only the first page of thearticle (title, introduction etc.) that further reading will need carrying out.The title may come across as long & complex for the reader; however, it isvery specific & addresses the main point directly. The authors havedescribed the research topic in such a way that the reader can obtain relevantinformation in a brief sentence.

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Also, the title separates itself from otherpapers related to the same subject area e.g. the research article ‘The Responsiveness of Patients ‘ Quality ofLife to Dental Caries Treatment – a Prospective Study’ (Ding-YuYeh et al, 2016) & this article, are both relatedin the field of Dentistry. However, they are different in terms of their purpose,methods etc. The structure of the article has been arranged fittingly byfollowing of the format IMRAD – Introduction, Method, Results and Discussion -which is ‘a way of structuring a scientificarticle.

It is often used in health care and the natural sciences.'(sokogskriv,2017). The benefit of using this format is that it allows the reader to findmaterials of an article that’s relevant for them. This format is also useful inthat it prevents authors from writing irrelevant information in their research.

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