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            For my critical analysis, I havechosen the piece of art by Faith Ringgold. It is called “Tar Beach 2” Quilt.This quilt was designed and made in 1990 in the town of Philadelphia,Pennsylvania. The medium of this artwork is a multicolored screen-print on silkplain weave, printed cotton plain weave, and black and green synthetic moiré.

In my opinion, I believe this piece of art represents realism. Ringgold istrying very hard this artwork to represent the subject matter truthfully. Sheis also trying to depict a representation of the character’s reality and story,which also supports my opinion of it showing realism. The subject or main idearepresented in Tar Beach 2 is the painted narrative on the quilt. Ringgold isattempting to denounce racism and discrimination by combining the story tellingthrough the images throughout the quilt and her hand written texts upon it.             The scene is surrounded with clothsquare shapes, many of which have floral patterns.

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At the top of the quilt,more shapes or rectangles contain text, which includes the girl’s story. Upon studyingthis piece of art, I noticed that almost all of the vertical lines used in TarBeach 2 helps construct the New York City skyline and the furniture up on topof the roof. I also noticed that the diagonal lines form the shape of the roofand the shape of the George Washington Bridge. The shortening of lines on thebridge make it appear 3D (three dimensional) out into space. I have seen howRinggold’s use of conflicting vertical and diagonal lines makes up an intertwiningthree part structural separation in the image: the city, the bridge, and theroof. Ringgold’s use of quilting in the image reiterates the relationship ofvertical and diagonal lines and strengthens the dynamic quality of the artwork.            The narrator in Tar Beach 2 is the oneof the little girls lying on the blanket near the bottom of the quilt.

Thestory told echoes with a common wish: to be free to go wherever she wants forthe rest of her life. The buildings of New York City can be valued for their commoncomponents (shape, line, color), and can be appreciated for their importance intelling the story. By implementing a naïve or folk method that dodgesperception and shading, Ringgold implies that the understanding portrayed inthe work is being conveyed honestly and freely from inside the internal life ofher character.


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