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Last updated: September 27, 2019

 For me holiday is an adventure in itself;be it travelling , food , shopping( I got Mad when I am out ) . One of my adventurous trip was when I visited most beautiful paradise on Earth “Kashmir” No matter how many hill stations you have visited in your life but Kashmir is altogether different(Trust me) .Before leaving, there were few things which I packed which were my absolute MUST for makeup when I am travelling. Although being a beauty lover everyone was expecting that I am gonna carry entire makeup room along with me .

But I tried to stay very basic . Obviously we all have different type of holiday, some like to really glam up in the holiday, but personally I think less is more . 90% of my holidays just consist of bare makeup , makeup free skin( with SPF and moisturizer off course.) Few of my absolute favorite makeup essentials are :Maybellinethe Colossal Volume Express MascaraWhen I opened it the first thing I loved about it is the Bristol and the shape of thebrush, which allows me to easily grab each lash with no difficulty what so ever. I seriously love the effect this mascara has on my eye lashes, with only one coat it gives the perfect effect I love and want.

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Revlon Color Burst lacquer Balm( shade 120)I am completely obsessed with this lip balm , I used it every day and night as well(as it was too cold and to make my lips lovely andhydrating I used it after every 3-4 hour)triple butter complex of Shea, coconut and mango butter nourishes lips immensely. They are not highly pigmented but they actually enhance the color of the lips ( I usually tried to buy balms with no color or light tints )with Revlon Color Burst balm I feel like silk on my lips , I am trying hard not to lick them ha ha.Maybelline Eye Studio Lasting Drama Gel Eye liner( shade 01 black)Simply the best ! This black liner ( not intense black) gives my eyes a bold and dark impact to make that lasting impression. It is so buttery and smooth in texture that it goes on pretty evenly on the lids and the waterline. Completely smudge proof and water proof. A big thumbs up.MA byline FIT ME ( shade 220)It just looked perfect on my skin like I am notwearing anything on my face .

I am so obsessed with this , for daily use or on a holiday as it is easily blend able and gives medium coverage which is perfect for every day wear.Lakme Eyeconic kajal pencilThere is not a single day when I don’t put kajal on my eyes ,even when I am at home and this lakme smudge proof and water proof kajal was lucky this time to be in my travel pouch. It was so easy to use this kajal which didn’t irritate my eyes at all. It glides smoothly and –the best thing was long lasting staying power at an affordable price .What are your makeup MUST when going on a holiday?   

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