Foster’s How To Read Literature like a Professor Presentations 7th

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Last updated: May 4, 2019
Every Trip is a Quest except when it is not.
There is always a quester.A stated reason to go to their destination however the true reason is usually self-knowledge.Foster’s Examples:The Crying Of Lot 49Presenter’s Examples:ShrekFinding NemoFrozenTangled

Nice to Eat With You: Acts of Communion
Communion doesn’t have to be holy.Shows characters relations.

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Sharing a meal has another meaning.Foster’s Examples:Homesick RestaurantThe DeadPresenter’s Examples:Beauty and the BeastAladdinThe Lunch Box

Nice to Eat You: Vampirism
An older figure sucks the life( youth or innocence ) from a younger person.It doesn’t always have to be a vampire.Foster’s Examples:Daisy MillerTurn of the ScrewDraculaPresenter’s Examples:CorralineLecter

If It’s Square, It’s a Sonnet
14 lines 10 syllables makes a square shapeSonnet’s do not always have to rhyme.A sonnet is broken into octaves and sestets.A Shakespearean sonnet is broken up into 3 sets of quatrains and a couplet. Foster’s Examples:An Echo from Willow WoodPresenter’s Examples:SonnetElizabeth Burnett Browning – How do I love thee(??)

Now Where Have I Seen Her Before
There’s no such thing as a wholly original work of literature.All authors derive works from other pieces of literature.

Foster’s Examples:Going After CacciatoGrendelWise ChildrenPresenter’s Examples:Hunger GamesWickedWorld War Z

Shakespeare, Bible, Greek, Hanseldee Grettledum
Shakespeare can be used ironically.Intertextuality provides depth for a work.Gives the author some authority.Using the bible within a work gives works a timeless effect.Myth is a body of story that matters.

Fairy tales lack ambiguity.Foster’s Examples:Wise ChildrenArabyBloody ChamberSong of SolomonPresenter’s Examples:Warm BodiesMean GirlsCinderella StoryPercy Jackson Series

Its more than rain or snow
Its never just rain.Weather has something behind it.Rain symbolizes washing away of problems.Can also symbolized mystery and illness.Snow can mean purity, neatness, and death.

It can also mean abstract thought and nothingness.Foster’s Examples:The FishThe SnowmanPresenter’s Examples:Desperate HousewivesEmperor’s new GrooveHarry Potter and the Deathly Hollows.

More Than It’s Gonna Hurt You: Concerning Violence
Violence is the most personal and even intimate acts between human beings.Violence can be symbolic, thematic, biblical, Shakespearean, Romantic, allegorical, transcendent.Violence is almost always a metaphor for something else.There are two categories of violence: 1. Character caused violence – bombings, shootings, etc 2.

Accidental violenceFoster’s Examples: Out, Out -Go Down, MosesBelovedPresenter’s Examples:Pearl HarborLast SamuraiA Time to Kill

Is that a symbol?
Symbols add depth to literature.Foster’s advice for determining what a symbol means is figure it out.Foster’s Examples:Adventures of Huckleberry FinnLet the Great Rope SpinPresenter’s Examples:All the Pretty HorsesLife of Pi

It’s All Political
Characters in literature are made to connect to certain groups of people in order to change your attitude.The underlying goal is to change readers mind.Literature shows how society needs to be changed.

Individualism Vs. Conformity.Control over another class ( usually Gov’t)Foster’s Examples:A Mask of the Red DeathAnimal FarmWomen in LoveChristmas Carol(??)Presenter’s Examples:Harry PotterDivergentHunger Games

Yes, She’s a Christ Figure, Too
A character that expresses traits and does thing like Christ did.Good with Children, bread, fish, water, wine.Goes out into the wild for a period of time.Does not have to be an exact match, can be female.Foster’s Examples:The Old Man and the SeaBilly BudPresenter’s Examples:Harry PotterHunger Games

Flights of Fancy
Flight is freedom.Release yourself from confinesFalling usually a sign of desperation.Foster’s Examples:Icarus and DaedelusPortrait of a Young Man.Presenter’s Example:UpHunch Back of Notre DameRescuers Down UnderPeter Pan

If She Comes Up, It’s Baptism
When someone goes underwater and comes back up is reborn.Drowning is has its own purpose of being symbolic.Rebirth can be painful.Foster’s Examples:Song of SolomonAll the Pretty HorsesOrdinary PeopleThe Horse Dealers DaughterPresenter’s Examples: X-Men Origins – WolverineGuardians of the Galaxy

Geography Matters…
Geography represents things and progresses the story along.Can be historical or a person.Going south is usually when characters run amok.Foster’s Example:The Old Man and the SeaThe Adventures of Huckleberry FinnPresenter’s Examples:The HobbitCity of EmberThe Princess and the FrogWe’re the Millers

Seasons represents the tone and the mood of the story.Spring – life, vitalitySummer – RomanceAutumn – Harvest, DeclineWinter – Death, ColdFoster’s Examples:Hotel Du LacPresenter’s Examples:Bambi500 Days of SummerGarden StateFrozen

Marked for Greatness
Marks of greatness serves as something symbolic.Gods, distinction, dark themes, life’s damages.Can cause isolation.Foster’s Examples:EdipusHarry PotterRichard IIIPresenter’s Examples:X-Men (Charles Xavier)Iron Man

He’s Blind for a Reason, You Know
Blindness “draws the eye”.Takes work to introduce a blind character.Blindness can be things and place.Foster’s Examples:EdipusWriting for GordeauxPresenter’s Examples: The MatrixAvatar

Irony trumps everything.Author is trying to make an unexpected point.Foster’s Examples:A Fairway to ArmsPresenter’s Examples:A Visit from the Goon SquadFinding NemoCaptain AmericaThe Winter SoldierRatatouiPinacolata Song

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