Franco because he inevitably takes the throne after everyone

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Last updated: September 16, 2019

Franco Zeffirelli’s transformation of Hamlet by William Shakespeare is a masterpiece among screenplays, it has few imperfections and many fantastic scenes that greatly capture the feel and tone of the original play. As far as casting and performance goes, Mel Gibson seemed to be a great choice to represent Hamlet within the play, although bland at some times, he portrayed the character with the same charisma and attitude very well. Although Mel performed very well, Glenn Close did not bring the same execution as Gertrude. She seemed very robotic at times, and was unnatural towards Hamlet. Within the original play, Hamlet and Gertrude have a very memorable relationship together, and this adaptation did not do the same justice. Next, the interpretation of this film mainly stuck to the real play.

There were minor differences in the plot, the biggest being the lack of Fortinbras. Within the book, Fortinbras is a very important character because he inevitably takes the throne after everyone else dies. Without having him in the film, it becomes less official of a movie because we don’t know what will happen to Denmark. Also, the editing of the film suggested that the movie was very old, which it was. Released in 1990, the film does not have any special effects, crazy shots, or any crazy features. This is expected though, due to the movie being 28 years old! Although there wasn’t any astonishing editing, it still portrayed the play with the same simple elegance.

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Finally, the direction of the film was great! The conversation, soliloquies, and other tools used really intertwined well and made the movie great! The dialogue did not seem too angry or depressing, but just the right mix. It was perfectly directed by Zeffirelli with how characters talked, moved, and their overall actions throughout the film. Overall, this portrayal of Hamlet by William Shakespeare is a very good movie and is an accurate representation of the original play.

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