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In this essay I will be looking at the up coming of Franklin Delano Roosevelt. In this question I am seeing if Roosevelt’s background, upbringing and character helped him to understand the concerns of normal Americans. There were many factors; which helped him to understand their concerns. In the late 1920’s America was a booming country due to all the loans people were taking out. They borrowed money to buy shares which they gained profits in. then in 1929, the Wall Street crash occurred.

People rushed out to sell shares because they realised companies were doing badly.Businesses collapsed and thousands of people were ruined, selling shares for anything. The Republican government didn’t believe the state should interfere in the free-market economy to help businesses, or to help with the welfare concerns of the poor and unemployed. The government thought the people should help themselves. This lead to a great depression. The depression affected ordinary Americans, lots of unemployment occurred as much as 80%, as businesses could not afford to pay wages. This lead to people selling their homes, and living in ‘Hoover Ville towns’.

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The American people became very poor and depressed, losing belief in the government and Herbert Hoover. Franklin Delano Roosevelt could understand the concerns of Americans through his upbringing and background. He attended Groton School, which prepared him to become a leader. His head teacher helped him by giving him character training. This made him think he had a duty to help people less fortunate than him. Franklin was always willing to have a go, changing things for the good of the everybody. He was very enthusiastic.

When he was young he used to go and visit an orphanage, so he saw children who were very poor. This shows he could understand people who were in a poor state. On the one hand FDR could not understand the American people through his background and upbringing. He came from a rich family, so he had no idea of what it as like to have no money at all, not have any real personal possessions. Franklin was also very spoiled as he was given a boat at the age of 14. He was taught at home, so he didn’t get to mix with a lot of children at a young age as he was an only child.This could have meant he didn’t know what being a child was really like.

Another point is that he went to Harvard, which was considered for rich people only, so he only mixed with the rich. Further more Franklin could understand the concerns of normal Americans through his character. His wife helped him to understand by sharing her experiences that she had as a child. He tried to walk, as he had been partly paralysed from polio and he failed, so he knew what it was like for the people. To keep trying and not succeed. He helped others, less fortunate than him.One way he did this was by putting a lot of his money into natural pools that so cured his polio and helped him to walk again.

He gave about half of his fortune in total. Franklin also had the ability to pass on confidence, as we will see later with the New Deal. This helped him with understanding the concerns of normal Americans. Also he could understand what it was like to suffer as he spent many years in a wheel chair, not being able to walk. He went through the depression as well as all of the American people, so he did see the concerns of Americans.Moving on Franklin Delano Roosevelt might have not understood the concerns of Americans through his character. This might have been because some people said that FDR only wanted to become president (like others that had tried in his family). Also with out polio his character might have been completely different, he would have not been through the difficulties others had been through.

Some people also say FDR gave away his money for his own cores, that if he hadn’t been suffering he would have not given the money. He only gave the money so that he received better facilities and care at the natural pools.Overall, I believe that Franklin Delano Roosevelt’s background, upbringing and character helped him to understand the concerns of normal Americans. I think this because the evidence I have shown the positive points have out weighed the negative points. I think FDR’s background and upbringing prepared him to understand the concerns of normal Americans and his character helped him understand what the concerns of normal Americans were. Franklin suffering from polio was the main factor for me, for him understanding the concerns of Americans.I believe FDR’s background, upbringing and character did help him to understand the concerns of normal Americans. In this essay I am going to see how far was Franklin Delano Roosevelt was himself responsible for his election victory? In 1932 before the election, America was in a poor state.

The people were suffering badly from the depression, very few people had jobs or they had jobs with little pay.The people who voted had the choice of who to vote in. There was Herbert Hoover, President at the time and Franklin Delano Roosevelt.

(The new man on the block. Hoover’s views on the depression were that he should do nothing; he did try a few things. He believed in rugged individualism/laissez-faire. He did not want people to become lazy; he wanted the economy to sort itself out.

Where as Franklin believed in intervention, to try and help the economy. Some people said this was interfering. The intervention gave government backed schemes, for example motorway development. This was good for the country; it started to pump the economy again. On the one hand we can say FDR, himself won the election.

He had a very strong character and determination.This helped him to promote his campaign far and wide across the states of America. He travelled 20,000 miles and made hundreds of speeches. Most Americans were very impressed by this.

This could be also because he worked very hard on his campaign thoroughly preparing his speeches. Also people believed it was because he looked physically strong, even though he was paralysed waist down. He had a clean appearance and a smile which people recognised. FDR was also confident which worked in his favour.

Another point is people saw his character, that he was warm, friendly, almost like a neighbour.Franklin was seen as being enthusiastic about meeting voters, his speeches were very lively. A lot more lively than Herbert Hoover. Some people said that his campaign victory came down to very basic and simple things like his campaign theme tune, Happy Days. When people heard of this they would instantly think of good things and feel up lifted.

This tune would be followed by a smiling Roosevelt and a passionate speech of some sort. This is what Roosevelt did to help him win the election. On the other hand we could say there were other reasons that made him win the election.Some people say that FDR did not win the election but Herbert Hoover lost the election. Herbert Hoover (the Republican) had put America in a bad way as he believed in his laissez-faire policy. The American people would have voted anyone in even a trained monkey. Hoover also made it easy as he did not really change any of his polices.

FDR was influenced by Theodore Roosevelt. He copied other people’s ideas as he used Theodore’s train campaign. Which he knew had been highly successful. People also say it was because of the influence of his wife, Eleanor Roosevelt.She helped him make decisions about the control of family members and affected a lot of decisions he made. Other people who influenced him were Woodrow Wilson and his head master. Another factor that helped FDR win the election may have been the ‘brain trust’. FDR frequently turned for help from the brain trust, which was made up of individuals from outside the Government.

It included professors, lawyers and others who came to Washington to advise on economic affairs. Roosevelt liked to learn through listening to experts and then questioning them. In doing so he became familiar with different points of view.This helped him to make up his own mind after considering their input. If Roosevelt didn’t have these people, he may have struggled in some of the decisions he made and in becoming President. Anyone could have won the election in 1932. Franklin Delano Roosevelt changed it to a landslide, he destroyed the opposition.

Roosevelt won the election with 7 million more votes than Hoover. I think that FDR was mainly responsible for his election victory. He had a strong character and determination. He travelled far and wide promoting his campaign, his appearance was confident and he showed the people that he could do it.I think Herbert Hoover also slightly affected FDR’s victory.

Hoover had almost put the Americans into the depression and he did nothing to try and get them out of it. This affected their judgement and who they were to vote for. I believe that it was FDR’s hard going that made him responsible for his election victory in 1932.

In this question I am going to see if life got better for all Americans in the 1930s and how far Franklin Delano Roosevelt was responsible for this. Franklin was voted in as President in 1932, a critical time in America.The American people had just started to get back on their feet after suffering from the depression, which affected them badly. They did not trust the economy and the Government.

FDR wanted to help the country and put things right again. He promised a ‘New Deal’ that would put things back in order in America. I am going to see if he delivered it. Upon assuming office FDR immediately sought to reaffirm America’s confidence in the stability and viability of its native political institutions by striking a New Deal.

This New Deal would help most Americans. Did life get better for the unemployed?I think it did as there were millions of jobs created. The jobs were not just building motorways but painting pictures on the streets.

Many artists got involved in this. It helped to involve everyone. The only downfall was that people were not paid highly. The workers benefited from the New Deal, them and trade unions gained more power with more jobs being given out. However strikes were broken up with brutal violence.

It got better for black Americans as around 200,000 black Americans gained benefit from the Civilian Conservation Corps and other New Deal agencies.They helped to create jobs for black Americans and young men. It helped around 2 1/2 million men. The downfall was that it created only short term jobs which didn’t pay much. The Native Americans benefited from the Indian re-organisation act in 1934. It provided many to buy and improve land. Their culture and trade traditions were encouraged to be preserved. They remained reclusive from Central America society.

Women benefited as they were paid half as much as much as men, sometimes not at all, so they started getting paid, this helped them to support their children. 8000 women were in the C. C. C. armers benefited in some way, as Agricultural Adjustment Administration gave loans to the farmers. Farmers were now able to modernise farms and increase production.

The only thing is that it helps the farm owners not the workers. In 1935 FDR introduced a second ‘New Deal’, which was to follow on and to try and be as successful as the first ‘New Deal’. On the 14th of June 1935, Franklin summoned the leaders of the congress and presented them with a huge range of laws that he wanted passed. There was the Wagner Act which forced all employers to allow trade unions to operate in their companies and to negotiate with employers.This gave better trade unions. Also there was the Social Security Act which provided State pension for the elderly, and widows. It gave help to the sick and gave workers benefit. The works progress Administration brought all organisations whose aim was to create jobs together.

This extended beyond building projects. I think most importantly was the Emergency banking act, this put trust back in banks. Franklin opened 5000 banks he considered trust worthy. It was a good thing for the people as they put their money back in banks. There were many other measures taken and agencies created to help the American people.We can say that life did get better for Americans due to FDR’s ‘New Deal’.

Franklin was the driving force behind the New Deal, which left much lasting value to the American community, which can still be seen today. For example road and some public building. He relieved suffering of millions of Americans, by organising government-funded relief. This helped to prevent starvation and homelessness during the hardship of the depression. Also FDR rescued the banking system and saved many businesses from collapsing, which stopped the situation in 1933 from becoming worse.

Further more Roosevelt raised morale and inspired hope which gave American people the courage to face the depression and then meet the challenge of the Second World War. Most importantly he saved the democracy in America. On the other had we could say that life got worse due to FDR.

He did not get the American economy out of the depression, it sorted its self out. His polices did not beat high unemployment. Also FDR did not do enough for certain groups, especially black people. Further more he made the central government and the Presidency too powerful, damaging the constitution, especially the independence of the Supreme Court.Some people said the New Deal plans were economic plans (he was almost Communist). Another point is he interfered too much in people’s lives, taking away their self-reliance, e. g. introducing social security.

Also Franklin prevented businesses from recovering as quickly as it might have done by creating so many rules and regulations, and helping the growth of powerful labour unions. Finally it was not FDR who created jobs but build up to the Second World War that did. Overall, I believe that life got better for all Americans in the 1930s.

I think Franklin Delano Roosevelt’s ‘New Deal’ was responsible for this. The New Deal itself succeeded in sparking America’s eventual economic recovery, it was undeniably instrumental in starting an equally important psychological recovery. Roosevelt was able to maintain his popularity despite the persistence of extreme economic hardship through out his first two terms, by successfully transforming the individual materialistic striving for self-preservation of millions of Americans into a communal characteristic struggle for the preservation of democracy.I think the positive points have out weighed the negative points.

Franklin brought about a lot of change and helped the Americans through the depression, unlike Herbert Hoover who left the economy to try and sort itself out, which did not work. I think Franklin Delano Roosevelt’s New Deal did bring about better life for all Americans in the 1930s.

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