Franklin Roosevelt

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Last updated: November 12, 2019

Franklin D.

Roosevelt was born into an affluent American family. He was generously given life’s luxuries, attended an expensive private school and then went on to study at Harvard University. In this way he was not able to understand living in poverty and without certain things in life; a way that the majority of Americans were living during the time of his presidency because of the depression.However, his character was that of an optimistic and gentle man, and this did emerge through his passion and dedication to Americans and their struggle for regaining confidence and their lives back, creating numerous agencies to enhance employment and get the economy moving once again.

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At the age of 39, Roosevelt was stricken by Polio and never regained proper use of his legs, yet he overcame this life-changing obstacle and persevered to become President.This illustrates his perseverance and determination his character entailed as he had to push hard to overcome Polio, thus why he strongly believed in America and its people, and that they too could overcome the hardships they were facing. Roosevelt was capable of capturing and mesmerizing his audiences during his speeches and was able to relay his optimism and courage to the disheartened Americans.He was able to connect with the audience and he knew the importance of getting his message to the ‘ordinary Americans’ the ones who were suffering the hardest.

So although Roosevelt never could fully relate to the poverty his people were feeling, his character and spirit helped him a great deal.

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