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Free will and determinismhas their similarities but most importantly they both differ invarious ways. Determinism is a term which reaches beyond measures. It statesthat overall events in which occurred in the world is due to past events or inthe occurring one. The life in which we are living also known as reality is pretty much designed for us inother words its already “pre-existent” or “pre-determined”. So, therefore anything getting involved can’t involve itself into the existence.

The perception ofthe universe and the world we exist in is already saying that the current dilemma comes from prior experience. After many causesif the same one continues to happen then there is a bigger chance that it may happen again. The issue that we come across with is that the freedom for us humans is solelyan illusion. This also conflicts with indeterministic point ofview of the human action. This is the view that the act, or some type of event thatis beneficial upon the act isn’t caused at all. To clear most of this up we mustmake a large assumption about ourselves or the person performing the act. Latelyin black neighborhoods there has been nothing but big misconceptions which thenleads up to someone getting shot. The man performing the act if he so happenedto be responsible for what he has done then during the time of the shooting whateverat that moment he chose to do would’ve been totally up to him.

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I could alsomake the scenario be where both could’ve been true like together he could’ve letthe shot ring out and self-control could’ve taken place and he could’ve refrainedhimself from firing it. If this is true, then even though he did fire the shot therewould’ve been another resolution to the situation. “Against his will” is whatit would be called if the man didn’t find himself firing the shot. If a personis responsible for causing an event or state of affairs, then the event oraffair was brought upon some act of the person and the action was a thing inthat person power whether to perform or not to perform.

For the man actionswere often determined the man could still be such, if he had chosen otherwisethen he would’ve done the total opposite. Whatever the shooter may have saw ifhe was religious and had a certain desire may have caused him to shoot hisshot. If he was being smart and logical about the situation his decision would’vebeen for him to not decide on committing the obscured crime.

I can also say thepipes in an apartment complex bust due to bad maintenance. If the maintenanceman would’ve done his job the right way, then maybe the pipes would’ve stillbeen intact. There is an argument saying if (a) and (b) are the exact samething, then (a) is just about consistent with determinism. Henceforward I can sayif the maintenance could’ve possibly done otherwise although he was caused todo what he did.

It’s safe to say determinism and moral responsibility istotally in cahoots. Free will is the side in which I’m gravitated moreonto. Free will is the power of acting upon your decision with no constraints ofobligation or fate. At free will the chose is yours. For example, making thetransition from high school to college you can choose whether to attend classes.Its your responsibility to do the right thing but also be cautious of theconsequences that are followed behind. Freedom goes solely based off decisions andaction.

As humans while performing a simple task such as helping a friend inneed we have an overall felling that our actions results from our own decisionsand we could’ve simply chose otherwise. I could’ve simply woke up and threw on heelsinstead of sneakers but that was my chose. There wasn’t anyone dictating my decisions.The main difference between this and determinism is that with free will we haveto take upon full responsibility whether it’s a reward or punishment for ouractions. Ones will is the freedom of action and in a sense our own decisions,dominating desire or choice. A mother is obligated to do as she pleases whenshe becomes one so for example it’s a brand-new day and its about that time shegoes and do her daily routine which is feed her child. She may say to herself, “It’stime for me to feed the baby and although I may not have enough money to buythe formula by any means I’ll find a way to make ends meet.” We as humansshould care about free will simply because its necessary for the free action.

The mother must decide first, or she may choose, to feed her child before she takesinitiative to proceed with her decision. If we just up and go assume that theactions us humans take on that results from the balanced capacity of humans, wego and see that the likelihood of free action depends on the opportunity offree will. Humes and Hobbes would hold that the mother is free to feed her childso long as nothing holds her back from carrying out her decision to feed thebaby and she has the freedom to not feed the child so long as nothing would compelher to feeding her child if she decided not to. I take on my position in freewill strongly because anything that happens in your personal life happens simplybecause you decided to take on that decision. There was a point in my lifewhere I had to make the hardest decision whether or not to either stay in NewYork with my aunt or move back to Virginia with my mother and sisters. It tore meapart because they were two different homes, yet it was something about eachone that attracted me to the each of them.

I made an executive decision to goand move with my mother. I contemplated for so long and I always had those whatifs moment. At the end of the day nobody but myself had to conclude.Some would argue that we don’t have free will. For example,getting incarcerated may be where their point can become valid. Robbing a bank automaticallytells a person that there is a consequence that’s about to come their way, soit should be expected right then and there that the freedom to do as theyplease are taken way.

Once your locked away the system can do as they pleaseand you’re under someone else’s rules. Your no longer obligated to do thethings you want to do. I personally feel as though that of course bad can happenbut your actions leading up to certain things can all determine that factor. IfI know I want money and don’t have it I have two decisions which is eithergetting it in a legal way as in having a job or choosing to get it in anillegal way which is either selling weed or robbing. Being human I know whichis morally right and morally wrong, so I shouldn’t be surprised on the outcomeof the decision I make. If I decide to go and get a job and make my money Iknow for a fact I’m not in a sticky situation or at risk of getting in troublewith the law. In life nothing is predetermined, I feel as though everythinghappens for a reason not saying those who believe in determinism are wrong Ijust strongly believe we all have a purpose in life and whichever way youchoose to live it is based off your verdict.


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