Friendship celebrated and widely accepted as norm. Unfortunately,

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Last updated: June 16, 2019

Friendship with benefits is quite an old practice only that in this age it is celebrated and widely accepted as norm. Unfortunately, even with several decades of practice, it appears that not enough people understand the rules involved.

This leads to boundaries being crossed and awkwardness developing which ultimately destroys the whole arrangement. Understanding how to conduct yourself in such a ‘relationship’ is key to it’s success and the many benefits that come with it without facing humiliation or a heartbreak.Here are five unwritten rules which govern friendship with benefitsIt doesn’t work well with friendsThe name is a bit of a misnomer since the best friends with benefits are with new people you meet, develop an attraction but you want nothing else with after the s!x. Having such a set up with a friend is the easiest way to get feelings since you know so much about each other and it is hard to draw the line on how much is too much attachment. Whichever way it goes you are guaranteed to lose the friend.

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It is an open relationshipNo jealousy or too much possessiveness in this arrangement. Each of you is free to meet new people and have your own different relationships without any level of betrayal. This is another reason friends should not be involved. Regardless of how ‘high’ the setup gets you, whenever you feel attached it is a sign to end things.ProtectionRule number 2 naturally leads here. You are free to have s!x with other people so it is pretty obvious one or both of you are getting extra action elsewhere.

Hitting it raw develops a false sense of trust and places each of you and your other partners at risk of passing on STDs.No introductionsThis is something under-wraps and any other party who gets wind of it does so unofficially. So avoid the introductions to friends and family since it starts breeding a level of familiarity that soon turns into attachment usually to one party.No romanceIt may be tempting especially of the two of you get along on a number of areas to start experimenting on things like dates, hanging out together, romantic chatting, time spent at each other’s place etc. This is where the boundaries start being blurry and unless you all want to try things at a relationship level, one party is going to be disappointed. Also if you want to have your arrangement last longer, do not erode the mystic aspect of friendship with benefits by allowing such habits to develop.Follow these five rules and you will be best partner in town.

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