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Last updated: February 27, 2019

From the earliest stages in life society conditions an individual and shapes his/ or her views on how they perceive themselves and the world around them. As tragic as it can be to think about society controls an individual in many ways. In the current generation everyone is constantly surrounded by media. From watching television or the latest netflix shows, to watching the news, it  is a daily routine for many people to contribute in some way to media. Without media ,  people in a society would be cut off from the rest of the world which would make it hard to survive in the world since nobody would know what is happening in their nearabout surroundings or in foreign countries.  To illustrate a society one can easily see that society is created by pride. Although too much of it can cause conflict,  at the same time a society would not be a society without everyone having some sort of pride.

Social identity is based on pride for various reasons since it is a representation of a person along with his or her family in the views from the rest of society. Lastly education is extremely important when it comes to being impacted by society. Seeking an education results in a higher social status for individuals It causes less feuds and benefits all.

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Media, Pride and seeking an education similarly play the same role in impacting today’s society resulting in fitting in with the current society and excelling greater in life. Media surrounds everyone in a society in many different ways, whether it being social media like snapchat, twitter or instagram or advertisements seen on billboards and magazines, it affects everyone in a type of way. Media shapes a person’s views on fitting in with their local societies. For example in a western country like America women are viewed as strong and powerful so many women have that mindset.

This results in women being able to speak their mind, dress freely and make changes or embrace their body. While this happening in America is considered a normal thing and is not looked upon as something negative. The same thing would be seen completely differently in, say an eastern country. Advertisements for women in countries such as Pakistan are not as similar as to the western ones which results in women being more conservative, quiet and traditional. If a women were become more broad minded like women in western countries they would cause an uproar in the eastern society.

Which is why, by this certain example media controls society. Without it people would not know how to function in a society where they live. At the same time it differs each and every society because what would be considered a social norm in one country would be considered a social suicide in a different country. Yet, at the same time media is viewed as being overly violent and greedy for the latest and hottest news, their purpose is essential in a democratic society so that people can keep track of their administrators. The media has the ability to hold governments, presidents, leaders,etc accountable for everything happening in a society.

It gives local a voice to have an opinion and make a difference despise their social status. If media did what it was intended for it wouldn’t be what it is today. Instead of building a bond between nation’s it creates societies meaning it sections people based on wealth, religion/ or culture, upbringing etc. When tragic events occur its on the news, headlines, etc but nobody follows through and informs people of what happens after instead a new headline takes place and the pattern continues.  Unfortunately today, media has become almost as necessary as food.

Media is like a mirror to society and plays an outstanding role in strengthening it. Although it puts the lives of its workers in danger during attacks it keeps others up to date with what is going on around them. The media has become so involved in everyone’s life that to recognize its impact is literally the face of society today.

It cannot be ignored, especially in this age where globalization and liberalization have become well known. Pride forms a society and sets order amongst the people. It causes feuds but also ends them based on how much pride one individual may have as looked at upon the ears on another.  People tend to let themselves be consumed by pride, they believe they are superior and best of them all. Pride however destroys societies as well, it turns friends and families against one another, and it turns a man into a monster. In reality, pride should be viewed through achievements, or embracing culture, and keeping traditions.

But when pride becomes a selfish act it turns people against one another. For example living in a western country such as Canada it’s typically a society where caucasian perspectives dominate everyone else’s. There is so much favouritism when it comes to white people, many other races suffer and feel as if they aren’t treated as fairly. Which is why the term ” white pride” came to be. Even in eastern countries it is seen as being viewed greater in society based on skin tone. Being light skinned or fair results in being easily accepted in every society around the world.

An example of this would be using bleach. In countries such as Jamica and Pakistan being fair skinned is a beauty must since they want to be seen as having white pride. Being fair results in more respect from many cultures around the world and creates a pride on its own. This can be very damaging both physically and emotionally, since it could destroy a person’s skin when harsh chemicals are used to lighten the skin tone as well as make a person feel as if they will not be accepted in society based on their skin tone.

 Another key to be looked at would be wealth and family status. In many societies the wealthy are treated far superior than the rest of the people in society. Everyone wants to be like the wealthy and will do anything to maintain a wealthy image. In a country like pakistan a family which is wealthy would only be seen with another family who is equally as wealthy or more because than the society deceives it in a negative perspective.  Another thing would be casts in pakistan. Many families go bankrupt trying to hold a wealthy lifestyle image even though their own bank accounts suffer just to be seen as well off in society. But if one is looking at a western society, say in a low income area in America pride would be looked at by seeing who has the most power.

Killing, selling drugs and numerous other acts of violence occurs so that others look up and fear the gang members. The gang members however take pride in going to jail and the amount of people they have hurt or killed. On another note pride can also be seen as a powerful thing since it brings people of a nation together. In a canadian society everyone takes pride in being a canadian and realizing how successful of a country it is. An example would be standing up for the national anthem, participating in votings and taking part in national holidays.

So although pride has drawbacks it also can have a positive effect on society as a whole because it brings everyone together to stand up for what they believe in.

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