From Indianapolis Colts. Coach Dungy was had parents that

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From reading about Coach Dungy’s career he is the first AfricanAmerica head  coachto ever win the Super Bowl in 2007.   Coach Dungy was born in Jackson,Michigan.   Hiscollege career as a football player began at the University of Minnesota.  After his  collegecareer as a player he played in the NFL as a player for three seasons.  After  CoachDungy stopped his career as a player in the NFL he pursued a career as a NFL  coach.  He had an opportunity to become the head footballcoach for the Tampa Bay  Buccaneersand the Indianapolis Colts.  CoachDungy was had parents that was both  educators fortheir profession which he was brought up in the home where he was  getting a solideducation which important in their household.

 In his younger years  Coach Dungy wasan outstanding student and athlete.  Hedisplayed a leadership skill in  high school wherehe was the student body president and captain of the athletic teams.   Coach Dungy wasthe starting quarterback in college for the University of Minnesota.   Coach Dungy andhis wife are parents of six children. When Coach Dungy stepped down  as the Colts headcoach, he became an analyst for NBC Sports “Football Night in  America.”  Coach dungy is a committed Christian andparticipates in several charity  events.

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                 In the book it talks about theleadership style and the dictation of how effective  a person couldbe.  I think the mentor leaders seek tohave a direct, intentional, and  positive impacton those they lead.  I have learned thatmentoring is all about building  character intothe lives of others, modeling and teaching attitudes and behaviors, and  creating aconstructive legacy to be passed along to future generations of leaders.  The  book discussesabout the mentor leadership that can be taught and learned; but in  order to beabsorbed, it must be practiced/focused on developing strengths of  individuals thatdemonstrates genuine concern for development and success.               In Coach Dungy first five years with the Indianapolis Colts, hehas accomplished the  remarkable feat of directing histeam to both five straight seasons of 10 or more wins and five  straight playoff appearances.  Coach Dungy is very popular in the NFL forhis “soft-spoken style,  ever steady leadership andcommitment to balancing family with football.” He is also known  for being deeply spiritual man anda dedicated father, and he was of course both shocked at  saddened by the death of hisoldest son who committed suicide in 2005. Coach Dungy started a  ministry called Campus Crusade forChrist that was founded to “build on society’s great love of  sports and utilize the platformgiven to the athletes to reach the world for Jesus Christ.

”  In  some of his public speeches abouthis oldest son committing suicide “eloquently and steadily,  speaking of lessons learned and ofthe positives taken from experience.”             One of my leadership principles is self-motivation because I wantto achieve above and  beyond expectations.  I feel with my career in coaching andeducation that I am very  passionate, pride, and desire tobecome better and the motivation to do things better than  everyone else.  My second leadership principle is havingstandards to hold myself and people  around them to a higher standardthan most, both on a personal and professional level.

  As a  leader you must understand that inorder to achieve higher standards, they need to have strong  values, hold themselvesaccountable for their words and actions and never make excuses.  My  third leadership principle isconfidence because it’s one of the things you either have or don’t  have, but I think that it can bepracticed and learned.  I feel thatconfidence has to do with your  inner perception of your abilityto fulfill a particular role and is built through your experiences  and dealings during yourlife.  In order to build your confidence,you need to be open to new  experiences and be willing to failor you’ll never grow and find the strength needed to push the  limits of what you’re capable of. 

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