From rolled from tummy to back and squealed

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From newborn toactive toddler, every month brought exciting change for me. Of course, thereare milestones, but the ability to control your own movements comes at your ownpace. Some hit certain milestones early, but they may hit another one late. Two weeks before mydue date, I was born on October 11, 1997 at Crittenton Hospital in Rochester,Michigan. At 12:25 am I was handed to my mother as the nurse said, “With apouty face like that, this little beauty will get anything she wants in life”.I weighed 6 pounds 2 ounces, was 19 inches long, and had blue eyes with a lotof light brown hair.

After gatheringinformation about my own personal growth and development I found that my firstsmile was at 8 weeks old and I also learned to grasp small items such as arattle. At 3 and 4 months of age, I weighed 12 pounds and had my first laugh. Ialso rolled from tummy to back and squealed in delight a lot. By 6 and 7 monthsI weighed 16 lbs. 1oz.

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and was 25½” long. I got my fist 2 bottom teeth and wasto master the stackable rings, which was my favorite toy. I would grab my feetand pull them up to my face and I sat pretty well with a Boppy pillow behind toprotect my fall. I sat alone by myself at 7 months and learned to drink from asippy cup with a little help tipping it up. At 8 1/2 months, I said my firstword which was dada.

By 9 months, I weighed 19 lbs and learned to do the armycrawl and followed my dog everywhere. I did not crawl on my hands and kneesuntil the end of my 9th month. By then I learned to sit from stomachand pull to standing holding on to the couch. I loved picking up finger foodsand feeding myself.

I could say and wave hi and made my mother happy by sayingmama. At 10 months I could clap my hands and by 11 months I walked behindwalking toys until I walked alone at 13 months and had a vocabulary of about 12words. I continued to grow and develop feeding myself with a fork and spoon at15 months and my vocabulary took off at 18 months. At 2 years of age I weighed22.

6 lbs, sang my ABC’s and was potty trained. At 3 1/2 I was veryactive and did not like sitting still playing with toys or watching tv. I hadto be on the move.

This is when I started gymnastics. I took a few mom and totclasses and the coaches were very impressed with my attention span andcoordination compared to the others. I could do a summersault on a cheese matand stand up and solute. I also had good strength where I could do a chin uppull over on the bars. Others had a hard time putting these movements together.By 5½ I was doing back handsprings along with other many skills on floor, bars,beam and vault. At 7 and 8 years of age I qualified to participate in a programcalled TOPs.

This program evaluated you on your physical abilities doing thingslike rope climb, pull ups, vertical jumps, and pressed handstands. I continuedgymnastics throughout my high school years, and competed in the USAG juniorOlympic program. This took a lot of time and dedication on my behalf and mycoaches. My parents never did gymnastics, but always supported my choices. In my infancy andtoddler years, I feel my development was pretty much by the book. When I hit mychildhood phase is when I found my physical development was advanced comparedto other kids my age. When I compared myself to my brother, our physicaldevelopment was very comparable month to month.

Our motor development was alsoclose, but he hit milestones a little sooner than me. For example, he walked at11 months old. My brother is also very athletic and was always very coordinatedand somewhat advanced when it came to playing sports. 

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