From the mountains, filling me with calmness and

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Last updated: April 17, 2019

From a distance my palace looks as if it is an illusion of light, but when you come close enough to touch it, you will see that it is a golden palace which is surely Elizabethan. As I enter inside my palace, a ray of summer sunlight cascades through the gaps in the massive curtain, painting my palace in a golden luminosity. The cool breeze creeps in with the sun from the windows, touching me on the cheeks and a smell of fresh air from the mountains, filling me with calmness and delight. My room is my treasure it gives me a sense of security, it is the only place that fills me with delight, it is a real blessing to me;I really appreciate having it. It is a really comfortable place to relax, study or even watch series, it is full of joy and peace. It is a vintage Victorian palace – no one has control over me or even my palace.

My palace is the place where I spend half of my life, it is the place where I shed my tears and where my laughter echoes. My room is the only place where I can give orders – where I am in full command.As you enter my palace to the left is my wooden vintage dresser which is placed along the corridor. My vintage dresser is full of amazing expensive perfumes, which gives me a sense of relaxation.

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Beside the perfumes there are fancy chandeliers which relieves the stress. As you face to the right of my palace you would see an antique mirror which is tarnished and under it is my leather bed covered with a silken mattress.The bed calls me, wanting me to lie on it, the blanket wraps me in comfort and happiness and fills me with joy and delight.  As I lay down on the plush pillows, they blanket my mind and wrap my dreams like a billowing cloud. The most relaxing thing in my palace is to lie down on my royal bed and watch my Turkish series, which fills me with calmness. I can’t get enough of watching my series, they take me to a different world full of happiness and relaxation.

To me, my bedroom is what a bar is to a drunk or what a drug is to a drug dealer or what a church is to a bishop. My bedroom is too important to me because it holds all of my personal belongings which I hold dearly to my heart,it is is a piece of my soul, it is a reflection of not only my personality but of who I am as a person. I am really thankful to have my bedroom it is my friend I was born to live with.However my palace can be a war zone – sometimes I fight against an enemy that shares the palace with me and tries to invade it and rule it all by herself; it is my sister. She sneaks through the night trying to scare me by making annoying creepy ghostly sounds which terrify my.

She makes these sounds to make me want to go out of my palace and live in the guest’s room which is filled with dust and spider webs. So she could have the place for herself.

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