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 From a young age, I am fascinated by all things how it communicate beit living or non-living things. Being a kid, I loved playing with the telephonelines in my home and unwittingly listen in on my cousin’ discussions (much totheir chagrin) from the second line. At that time, Information flow from oneend to another, using a device seemed straight out of a fiction movie. By thetime I reached my high school, cordless phones and mobile phones started to maketheir mark en masse. This readily available new wave of technology piled intome.

More interestingly the mix of communication and information technology inthe latest devices always intrigued me. I completed my schooling from Sri.K.G.S HSS, Aduthurai wherein my coresubjects included computer science and physics introduced me gaining thefundamental basic concepts into computing and information technology in today’sperspective. This aspect in schooling made me to voluntarily provide my name toan industrial visit to BSNL (Bharat Sanchar Nigam Limited) organized by myschool.

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I spent two days in the industrial visit which catalyzed my desiretoward wireless communication technology even more. This incipient interest oncommunication and the desire on technology deeply engraved me to do my bachelorsin Electronics and Communication Engineering.I completed my schooling with good grades to join B.S. Adbur RahmanUniversity in Chennai for my undergraduate to carry out my childhood vision. Iwholeheartedly believe that my college provided me with the best possibleundergraduate education coupled with my first exposure to the fundamentalconcepts of Networking and importance of maintaining confidentiality andintegrity while communicating. I found subjects such as computer and wirelessnetworking, data structures, and algorithms very appealing during myundergraduation.

In my third year, for the departmental symposium, I developeda project titled “Network Interrupt and Packet Manipulation.” The project wasbased on wireshark and other free proxy tools. This project was greatlyappreciated by my college faculty members, students, and external examiners. Inmy final year, I did a simulation project based on virtual private networkstitled “Dynamic TCP-IP/MPLS-based VPN Over Broadband Dense Wave DivisionMultiplexer Ring.” This project was eventually presented as an IEEE paper inthe “Tenth International Conference on Wireless and Optical CommunicationsNetworks WOCN2013-Bhopal, INDIA”; this experience provided me the opportunityto collaborate and share knowledge with some of the best minds in the industry. Given my sound academic knowledge, I wasrecruited by iNautix Technologies Pvt. Ltd. (a Bank of New York Mellonsubsidiary) to be an information security analyst.

I worked there for threeyears. Post that, I moved on to the Depository Trust & Clearing Corporation(DTCC) with the same designation. Since both companies are part of thefinancial sector, securing data was of the utmost importance.

Therefore, inorder to keep myself abreast with the latest in information security analyst, Icompleted two well-recognized certificate courses called “Certified EthicalHacker (CEH)” and “Offensive Security Certified Professional (OSCP)”. My four years of experience as an information security analyst enabledme to understand and appreciate great deal about application penetrationtesting, static code analysis, handling clients, and dealing with complexsituations in a sensitive manner. Although I have learnt a lot on the job, Ibelieve that there is still a need to improve on my current skill sets to takemy career to the next level. A formal education in network and systems securityas well as keeping in-tune with the current advancements of technology globallywill equip me with the demands of this industry.

This realization has promptedme to continue my academic pursuits after being away from a formal academicsetting for quite some time. Information Security in India is still at its nascent stages. Largeamounts of data are being utilized by companies in India for various functionsof day-to-day business. It is vital to protect this information from the publicdomain. This necessitates the need for such study. However, not many collegesand educational institutions in India offer the aforesaid expertise, which iswhat prompted me to look for options overseas.Canada has the reputation for having some of the best institutions forinformation security.

Studying in a richly diverse environment of Canada willallow me the opportunity to interact and network with students from differentcountries and cultures. Therefore, I have chosen Canada as the place to pursuemy master’s degree. To fulfill my dreams and ambitions, I am eagerly lookingforward to be a part of the post-graduate program.From the various educational institutions in Canada, I zeroed down tothe University of Concordia.

Since I believe curriculum of Concordia wouldgroom and widen my skills on all aspects pertaining to informational security.I committed myself full time to prepare for what this curriculum entails andiwill look forward to learning about the intricate nature of (and workingalongside my peers on) topics like Crypto-Protocol and Network Security Post completion of my Masters, I wish to shine myself as a SecurityArchitect. Though my short-term goal is to explore the other areas in securitydomain where I haven’t had a chance to work, my long-term goal obviously is toestablish a RedTeam Security based firm in my country.

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