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From an early age, I have always taken an interest in chemistry and its importance in making medicine to improve a variety of physical and mental illnesses. As my great grandmother was dying from cancer, not only did her medications help sustain her life and beat cancer once, but our local retail pharmacists played a major role in getting those medications. Like most with serious illnesses, copays on medications can be unaffordable; however, our pharmacy reached directly out to the manufactures and brought the cost down to almost nothing. Through their charitable and compassionate actions, it inspired my desire to dive into the sciences and create a passion for chemistry and biology as well as a passion for improving lives of those around me. In order to gain further knowledge in pharmacy, I had work experience at a Walgreens in St.

Louis and shadowed a family friend pharmacist. There I had hands on learning of the pharmacy industry by respected pharmacists learning a foundation in pharmacy practices. I had some, limited to scheduling and staff, responsibility for preparing, pricing, filing prescriptions and maintaining inventory for pharmacists to check. In addition, answering phones as well as handled money and cash register. Through this experience I gained several professional skills including innovation, problem solving, attention to detail, strategic planning, and inventory control. Furthermore, during my time at my alma mater, University of Missouri-Kansas City, I was heavily involved on campus. I worked in the university’s student union providing customer service to students and patrons on a daily basis.

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In addition, I was a member of Alpha Phi Omega (APO) service fraternity. With this organization I dedicated specific time to provide service and care to my campus and community.  Also, all four years, I was a member of the UMKC Women’s Track and Field Team, specializing in the jumps. Being a student-athlete developed several personal and managerial skills.

To start, communication was a major skill as I always communicated with my teammates and coaches to solve problems. Next, I balanced a full class schedule with athletics to become extremely efficient, driven and able to work on a tight schedule. This lead to my self-motivation and goal oriented because I can recognize my strengths and weaknesses so that I can work efficiently towards an ultimate goal overcoming any hurdles. In addition, being detail-oriented and analytical as become a key strength. No matter how big or small, every action has a reaction and being able to recognize them and creating a strategy to advance through it.

Lastly, my athletic career thrived off feedback. My ability to take criticism allows me to improve and learn from my mistakes. As pharmacy embodies the areas of science and mathematics, these subjects are my biggest interest. The completion of them where a challenging journey. Starting with my sophomore year, I had the biggest difficulty balancing out three different sciences – Biology, Organic Chemistry, and Physics.

Each subject required an extensive amount of time of studying, that I struggled to manage. As a member of the UMKC Women’s Track and Field team, a large portion of my time was committed to my athletics. In addition, to my active involvement in UMKC’s chapter of APO. Through my best efforts, I was able to get through the courses with the guidance of my professors.

Nevertheless, the difficulty to manage my athletics and high level courses, never stopped me from achieving my overall goals. I did all I could to succeed, even doing summer courses. Through my years at UMKC, I have learned a lot about myself. Most importantly being I am a determined student with many talents. I can accomplish as much as the person next to me, all I need is time. Collectively, all these skills will help lead me into my aspiring career as a pharmacist. An immediate goal of mine after completing school would be to specialize in diabetes and go into consultation. Diabetes is a dynamic disease that also focuses heavily on ones lifestyle and health.

Health and fitness has been apart of my entire life so being able to apply that to my work would be a long term goal to carry throughout my community.  Overall, I would be an asset to the pharmacy program. I have had the experienced of being a full time student at a university while being a student-athlete. Through the hectic schedule I still have been able to thrive in my studies. Though I have not been perfect in my studies, what I offer and have been through offers uniqueness to my character.

This is something I am proud of and I am a determine, driven individual who would savor at the opportunity of being in pharmacy program if given the chance.  

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