Fundamentals of Teaching

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Last updated: May 13, 2019
Identify 3 Ways to Adjust level of concern
AccountabilityTimeAvailability to Help
4 things to reduce practice
MeaningRelationshipPrevious PracticeSequence of Material
3 Ways Kids get feedback.
Peers, Teachers, Materials
If we ask students to try harder we are obligated to do what?
Adjust the level of difficulty to ensure success.

How much (amount) should we practice
Shortest amount that maintains meaning.
How long should we practice
Short intense practice periods.
How often should we practice? New learning:Old learning:
New learning: mass practiceOld learning: distribute practice
Identify 6 Variables of Motivation.
Relationship between task and rewardLevel of concernLevel of Difficulty (Success)Knowledge of Results (Feedback) InterestFeeling Tone
7 Elements of Lesson Design
Anticipatory Set Statement of Objective and Rationale InputModelingChecking for UnderstandingGuided/ Monitored PracticeIndependent Practice
Advanced Organizers

’s help orient students to new material and help them recall related information that could assist them in incorporating the new information.

Component of memory that best fits in 1 ear and out the other?
Sensory Register
In direct instruction lesson design what part of lesson design is trying to obtain brief student response for understanding?
Checking for Understanding
Name component of memory that holds current thoughts.
Working Memory.
Main goal of educational psychology
To test theory that guides teacher’s actions.
Maslow’s hierarchy of needs (safety needs
Safety needs are deficiency needs along.

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Second most important to physiological needs.

Attribution theory (category that is internal and stable).
B. ability
If success believe due to effort their locus is….
Failure avoiders: kids who just avoid failures
Decrease effort after failure.

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