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Transitioning from an extroverted to an introverted mindset isn’t always the best way to come to college but it was the struggle Armani had to face. Hearing her current situation portrays to me to the dark side of coming to a big university when your only companion is your twin brother. I thought she would have an easy transition to college but it’s apparent in her answer that it’s one of the toughest things she has gone through. To any normal person the high school to college transition is seamless but it seems to me that she’s automatically come to terms with isolation within the span of a semester.

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The answers from Paulina and Anissa were well thought out but didn’t provide me any deeper insight into the life they’re living now. I believe because I couldn’t relate to their answers that I didn’t think they were as thoughtful as Armani’s answer. Paulina and Anissa were merely setting out their future and Armani connected her present to an ideal future.

Since we live in a world where everyone is entitled to their own opinion, I would’ve given a different outlook if I was asked these questions. My biggest fear isn’t infertility since I have no plan of having kids in the near future. The idea of losing control of life and my identity has always been a big fear of mine. No one wants to wake up realizing their life has been a complete mess because of the circumstances they put themselves in. Losing control of your life is one the hiccups college students face in these troubling years and I never went to be in that situation. Anissa’s plan in ten years doesn’t correspond to my future plans at all. I have no clue about what I want to do in ten years, even thinking about my plans for next week gives me anxiety.

Having no future plans makes me feel lazy compared to students like Anissa who want to have a successful future. Everyone wants college students to have their life planned out for decades ahead but I can only handle planning life for the present. I’ve been through so many

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