Are Gender Roles determined by genes or socialisation

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Last updated: April 9, 2019

What is gender? It is something that everyone has but doesn’t think about it much, they know they are either male or female and simply take is for granted.

We behave in a masculine or feminine ways that have become a habit to us through life, so that we don’t give our behaviour any thought, we think it is natural to us. I believe gender roles are made by both, but the socialisation plays a very important part. When a baby is born we question its sex, but why do we bother?There are sill families who want sons that cannot have them, vice versa for girls.

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It’s because of all the past influences past down from generation that boys are strong rough and tough and that girls are quiet sweet cute, of course this is very stereotypically of me but it’s true. From the moment of birth, see boys as firmer, better co-ordinated, stronger and more alert, while girls are seen as smaller weaker and prettier, even if boy is a six pounds and girl is strapping eight pounder. We have to ask the question are men different from women.Of course, they are different in aptitude, skill and behaviour, but then, so is every individual person. So why do we make such a fuss about it? It seems unreasonable to suggest that the sexes are different because their brains are different, but then no two human brains are the same. Stereotypically: Girl’s are more sociable, more nurturing, and more compliant and have lower self-esteem, are hard to sustain.

One that definitely seems to have disappeared over the last two decades is that girls have less motivation to achieve.Girls get their role from their parents, if they are brought up to be sociable, kind, quiet they will but there will always be the odd few, which will pick their own path. Since they are children and their brain is still developing how can we expect them to choose what is right and wrong? We do not give them a choice to choose but manipulate them by giving them certain toys and speaking to them differently as opposed to speaking to a boy.Boy’s are generally more aggressive, physically and verbally, and enjoy taking risks. They play fighting games and enjoy ‘dares.

In addition, this made by our ancestors and these roles have been established and accepted by us all. But all of the argument of biological difference, we cannot ignore that we are helpless products of our social background that takes away our free will. But regardless of the fact whether sex differences really do exists socially we still expect women to behave like women and men like men. Of course, there are physical differences from boy and girls, but whether they are enough to determine our gender roles is up to you as I think they do play a part but socialisation still wins.But even most of us do not care; there is still a big issue in the difference in the spatial abilities between men and women. Men find it much easier to visualise and deal with spaces, the position of objects, relative heights and dimensions. In a test involving a three dimensional mechanical apparatus, only a quarter of the women could perform the task better than men.

But remember that at least some of the women could perform the task as well as the men and it isn’t recorded if any men were actually worse. ‘Males are more aggressive than females’.Although this is true, we also have the some males who are not aggressive at all and we have females that are more aggressive than the males because they are female. This behaviour is introduced to us by peer groups and adult males, while boys play fight men are more likely to fight than women.

It is said this is all to do with hormones although it does have a little to do with it I do not believe it is enough to make us fight. It is what we have been told what is usual, how can it be usual for men to fight and women not? It is things like this, which brings strong individual females to stand up and become a figure in the public eye.

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