General Welfare

General Welfare General welfare provides health, safety, and education for all Americans. These are all factors we need for the daily functions of life. It provides is all with equal opportunity, blessing of liberty, Common Defense, Domestic Tranquility, and Justice are all extremely important to America, but without General Welfare none of these would be possible. To begin with, without General Welfare we would not have Education, and education is the key to everything. All of us are guaranteed a free education up until the high schools, Tucson High, and JTED.

These are both examples of a free education; JTED is a public high school district that provides free career and technical education to students. This means when I graduate I’ll have a career and be able to work right out of high school as a Medical Assistant making about 25,000 a year. When I read “Coming to an Awareness of Language”, a story about how Malcolm X educated himself in prison, I realized the American Value expresses in the essay was General Welfare, Malcolm X was given the opportunity to educate himself with available resources.

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He wasn’t actually getting schooling, he was teaching himself, but without the notepad and dictionary him educating himself he wouldn’t hate been able to make an impact in the world or even noticed. Education is the foundation of your life; it’s what determines your entire life. Secondly, there is health. Without health we would be a very sick world with short lasting lives. There are several benefits of a healthy life. You can live without suffering from any aches, pains, discomfort and even a variety of viruses. In every sphere of your life, you will e able to perform to the best of your ability.

The government provides general healthcare to many lower class Americans for example, AHCCS, AHCCS is a program that provides medical coverage, such as doctors office visits, hospitalization, prescriptions, and lab work for a low cost. Without the government providing this many families will not be able to afford other types of healthcare. In addition, we are also protected in many ways. We have military, law enforcement, emergency vehicles, hospitals, and prisons. We are never fully protected from each other, but we are rotected enough to live day to day feeling some sort of safety.

Safety is a very important aspect of life because without it we would always be in danger, it’s what helps keep us alive. Transportation is another factor included in safety. The government provides us with paved roads, street lights, and freeways. This allows traffic to move more efficiency with fewer accidents, at a faster pace. We have a variety of options for transportation. During our years in public school Students are provided bus transportation at no cost, there are also other resources like your own ar, subways, city buses, and even walking or riding your bike.

Without transportation in our lives it would be difficult. Safety wouldn’t be provided, we wouldn’t be able to get to health care facilities, and wouldn’t have schools because not every body would be able to attend making the government loose money. The United States is most likely one of the safest places on this planet. Every year we have events like 9/1 1, The Boston Marathon Bombing, Newtown Shooting, and the Gabriel Gifford’s event that we cannot prevent because we don’t know it’s going to take place. We’ve gotten stricter over the years, hopefully preventing any attacks that were planned.

Even when we have incidents like this we always have 911 and law enforcement to depend on, allowing them to help as much as they can. Nobody likes to feel unsafe and having to worry about if there life, and we rely on the United States to feel safe and protected, and an abundance of time we are. In conclusion, General Welfare is defined in many ways, but in m opinion Education, Health, and Safety are the most valuable, I’m really grateful for what general welfare has rovided me and my family because of education.

Providing for the welfare of the general public is a basic goal of government. The preamble to the U. S. Constitution cities promotion of the General Welfare as a primary reason for the creation of the constitution. My life would be different without General Welfare because we would be uneducated, sick, and unsafe. Without General Welfare our world would be completely different, as if we were back living in the Dark Ages. General Welfare helps shape the country, by allowing us to be more controlled and organized.


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