Genres of Literature Definitions

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Last updated: May 5, 2019
A french word for a kind or a type of literary class

Writing that is NOT poetry. Essays, short stories, novels, newspaper articles, and letters are all written in this format. Unlike poetry, this format is written in paragraphs

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a prose account that is made up rather than true.

It is often based on a writer’s experiences or on historical events, but a writer may add or atler characters, events, and other details so that it is not entirely true.

Realistic Fiction
Believeable fiction that is set in the present ; characters take partin activies that could have happened

Historical Fiction
Fiction that is set in the past ; characters take part in actual historical event & interact with real people in the past

Science Fiction
Fiction that deals with phonema or technology

Fiction that includes secrets or crimes to be solved

Highly imaginative fiction that uses strange or unusual character,setting,and plot

Short Story
a short fictional prose narrative that usually has only 1 or 2 main characters and 1 important setting.

A long fictional story, usually longer than 100 book pages.

it usually has more character, settings, and themes and more complex plot than a short story

Prose writing that deals with real people, things, events, and places

A person’s life story written by yourself

A person’s life story written by another person

Reference Sources
Importance sources such as encylopedias, directories, amancras, and attaces

a daily, local publication of (current events)

A publication, usually in paperback , that comes out at regular intervals (time periods) such as weekly, monthly, or even annually (once a year).

A story that has no known author and was generally passed on from 1 generation to another word of mouth.

Tall Tale
An exaggerated, far – fetched story that is obviously untrue but is told as though it should be believed.

Brief story told in prose that has a mortal, a lesson about how to get along in life

Fairy Tale
Folktales that usually include magic, wishes, boyalty, and special beginning and ending words such as “once upon a time…” and ” .

…Happily ever after”

A story of extraordinary deeds

A story that explains something about the world nature and typically involes god so or other supernatural forces

A kind of rhythmic,compressed language that uses figures of speech and imagery to appeal to our emotions and imagintaion. Written in LINES and STANZAS

Lyric Poem
A poem that expresses the feelings or thoughts of a speaker rather that telling a story

Narrative Poem
A poem that tells a story “KASEY AT THE BAT”

A work of literature mean to be performed for an aduience by actors

The scrip of drama written for T.V.

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