Geography countries. This helps the balance of trade

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Geography Report Thisreport is about how sustainable the Canadian fishing industry is .The fishing Industry is one of the many oldest industries situated inCanada. For centuries many Canadians are fishing for a living.According to the Canadian Encyclopedia “Production is distributedamong the Pacific (BC and Yukon, 20%), Central (Prairie Provinces andOntario, 5%) and Atlantic (Quebec,Maritime Provinces and Newfoundland, 75%) regions”. The Canadianfishing industry began in the 1500’s when ships from France Spainand Britain came to Canada every summer so that they could harvestrich fishing grounds due to the huge number of fish being caughtthere. Later on they created permanent fishing villages. Fishes thatwere caught were then salted and dried and exported to places likethe United States and the West Indies. Back then fishing was one ofthe most important economic basis for European settlement in the EastCoast and in parts of Quebec and British Columbia.

Thefishing industry is very important to Canada’s economy due to mostCanadian fish being exported to different countries. This helps thebalance of trade in Canada or in other words the net exports which isthe total amount of fish being exported subtracted by the number offish being imported. The number of fish being exported brings in sixbillion dollars to Canada’s economy. Since more of our Canadianfish is exported it means more jobs, increase in the wealth of ourcountry and our trade balance helps our country make profit.Exporting fish also increases fishers profits because exports costless than imports which means more profit for our country.

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Onemethod the fishing industry uses to exploit the natural resource islobster and crab pots in commercial fishing. Lobster and crab potsare many cages attached to each other that are usually made with metals,woods and ropes. These cages contain dead fish and are droppeddown to the bottom of the sea and attract many clams, lobsters, crabsetc. The cage is kept underwater for one to three days and thenretrieved.

This trap is very efficient and is only a one way in process. It is also an easy way to catch fish and doesn’t reallyrequire a lot of work. The fish caught from these nets are sent topeople in more than 51 countries and is known for catching one of themost valuable resources in Canada called the snow crab that is caughtin the Atlantic provinces and Quebec. Another great thing about thiscage is that it can biodegrade. So if a cage does not get retrievedthen it won’t end up staying in the ocean forever and becomingghost fishing pots. Eventhough lobster and crab pots are a very easy way for commercialfishing they have many negative impacts on the environment. Manypeople say that these cages can harm other species and animals.

Thecages can attract many other species that aren’t supposed to becaught that can also lead to over fishing. For example these cagesalso attract many turtles and various under- sized animals. If thesecages do end up being in the water they can also harm the plants inthe oceans.

Since many of these cages are left under water for acouple of days they are also more easy to lose too. Wecan lesson the Impact of the fishing industry on the natural environment to ensure long term sustainability of the resource.                     

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