Geography for its academic value, my personal interest,

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Last updated: September 14, 2019

Geographyis the study of interaction between human population and natural environment,whichencompasses a vast range of topics from Earth’s landscapes and natural hazards,to globalization and sustainability.

Theextensive range of issues captivate me due to my thirst for knowledge, discoveringnew things and the benefits that come from them. I commit to studyingGeography, for its academic value, my personal interest, and more importantly,it paves route to my future. Geographyhas always been a keen interest of mine; therefore, I took Geography as one ofmy elective subjects to enrich my knowledge, but it was a visit to Yellowstone National Parkthat initially sparked my enthusiasm for environmental studies. Ienjoyed exploring the Grand Prismatic Spring, whose magnificent coloration never fails to amazeme. I marvel at the volcano’spower rising in fumaroles, mud pots and geysers, as well as the diversifiedwildlife. These extraordinary scales ofgeothermal features posed many questions: wherehad this discovery been made and, more intriguingly, how had they formed? Mywish to find out more about these landforms and rocks that shelter theintricate beauty started my interest in geography. Thepresentation of environmental issues in the media has also cultivated myinterest of Geography. Understanding issues impacting our planet such asclimate change, poverty, pollution pandemic and more has fueled me with a desireto create sustainable living.

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Studying Geography allow me to appreciate the Earthas our homeland and provide insight for wise management of planet’s finiteresources. I become evenmore interested in these issues after reading articles in periodicals such asNational Geographic, The Economist and The Guardian. An article from the Geographical that investigated theimplementation of sustainable agriculture in less developed countries intriguedme. One measure used allows farmers to produce fertilizer from waste, which isa sustainable alternative to current farming techniques. Having attained the magnificent7 billion mark, it is vital that develop a more harmonious relationship betweenpopulation and planet if both are to survive. Further study of related subject willenable me to tackle these imminent problems.  In addition to my studies, I have been involved in a range of fieldwork, which have enabled me to reinforcemy geographical techniques.

Hong Kong’s geographical features provided afascinating insight into a remarkable and unique way of life. In visitingmangrove swamps and tombolo first hand, I had a totally different learningexperience from what I can see in textbooks. Also, studying Biology, Chemistryand Mathematics have provided a scientific base for my love of geography. Theyhelp me when I need to establish hypotheses and analyze data.

It also helps meto think logically and how to solve problems. Along with Geography, I am also keen on sports. I am anextrovert person and as the member of school swimming and athletic team, it is the ideal setting for me to develop my teamwork and communicationskills, as well as my confidence. Through competitions, I learnt to bepersistent to overcome failures and stay positive when facing adversity. Whilethis requires a considerable amount of determination, effort and time,especially as it runs parallel with HKDSE, it has taught me how to beself-discipline and manage my time effectively.

 Society is ever-changing, and study of Geography holds the key to the world’s problems. It does not only sharpenmy knowledge, but also give me a real insight into how the Earth functions. Steppingup to degree level has long been my ambition and I am looking forward to thechallenges that I will come across with. I anticipate an exciting and veryimportant experience whilst studying Geography at university. 

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