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George Washington was born February 22, 1732 in Westmoreland County Virginia. Son of  Augustine Washington,Mary Ball Washington,Father died when he was just a boy but George still got strong influence from his older brother as a role model for young george.              George was Augustine first son in his second marriage and when george was three they moved ferry farm, from lawrence Washington learned trigonometry and surveying and ethnics,novels,and theater,a ranking officer in virginia militia.             Martha Washington was a widow wich George met she had 2 kids which weren’t george’s but he took care of them they got married January 6,1759 George of 27 years old and Martha same age  in the white house Plantation which they threw a bash,They never had kids.            George’s older brother  Lawrence was suffering from a lung complaint and died in 1752 in Mount Vernon and passed stages to George’s hands until he inherited them until outright 1761.

Washington also suseeded Lawrence’s army.            First taste of battle of washington was he went to ohio with 150 men to remove intruders,then he wrote to his brother jack “I heard the bullets whistle believe me there is something charming in the sound,french signed an embarrassing capitulation agreement.At the start of the French and Indian war he was called to Europe.             In 1788 George Washington was elected President he got 69/69 votes.

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President as in Executive Branch he can veto any law and say that’s unconstitutional and the I gets sent back to the congress and the have to have ¾ votes count so they can override the veto ,Legislative Branch is the is the branch that makes laws ,and Judicial is the Supreme Court that are the ones that are highest  court system, with  are the three branches of the United States of America.The first Revolutionary war was lexington.             And they elected Washington leader of the continental army,Saratoga was the turning point of the war when the french that came to help the Colonies,and Marquis de lafayette,with him being  his right hand washington won the battle of trenton and the british general cornwallis was  not having that so they sneak attacked washington’s army but washington sneak attacked on them washington’s army left the fires turned on so let them think that they were their.

They soon went to the battle of York Town which Washington’s brains they trapped Corwalli’s army which surrender.            And accomplishments he made cornwallis surrender and he is on the 1# dollar bill that everyone sees today .

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