German also have a salad and some fruits.

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Last updated: September 30, 2019

German culture is so different from America’s culture in lots of ways. They eat healthy, They play games just like us, but in Germany they don’t get to choose most of their subjects. German culture is so unique.

German Meals, Desserts, and appetizers:BreakfastLet’s just start out with their breakfast Germans usually start their day like any other countries the only different thing is they eat lunch meats and cheese. They call their breakfast “Frühstück”.LunchTheir lunch is usually at around 12:00pm-1:00pm and consists of fish, meats or, cooked vegetables mostly high carb foods. They also have a salad and some fruits. Keep in mind that a German portion of meat is about the size of your closed fist. Lunch is their biggest meal. The German word for lunch is “mittagessen”.

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Dinner Last meal of the day is dinner they usually have dinner or “Abendessen” their dinner usually consists of bread with meats and cheese also a nice warm glass of something along with a soup or salad.Appetizers, and deserts Next if they do eat a dessert this is what they sometimes have, a black forest cake which originated in germany or a pie. For appetizers they have usually finger food like fruits vegetables or chips and dip.Everyday Entertainment: Many Germans are members of clubs of some form, either for sporting activities or other hobbies.

Sports are more strict and well organized here than in many other western countries, reflecting the way in which German life has more regulations. Hiking, biking and swimming are also very popular in Germany. Their video games are not much different than ours, for an example they play Xbox And PS4 like us.Scholling:There are a few noticeable differences between American schooling and German schooling. In america there is more freedom to choose your subjects but in germany you don’t get to pick any or just few.

German schools keep their students until 1pm, when they go home for lunch, Students will not go back to school after lunch but instead, they work on their homework. This homework load is massive usually taking two or more hours each day to finish. Students have to structure homework time into their afternoons to ensure they excel in school.

Emmy, a foreign exchange student from Germany, said that school here is more welcoming and the teachers are friends but in Germany they are strict and don’t talk about anything but school. Also school in Germany she said was much, much, much harder that’s kind of alerting.

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