Ghost of Portia’s Father exemplification essay

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Last updated: December 2, 2020

Interviewers walk on, and explain what is happening…

Int- Hi there everyoneWavesInt- We are here today to sort out the problems between Jessica and her fatherInt- …And also to advise Portia whether to obey her father’s wishes or not.

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Int- Please everybody, give a warm welcome to… Jessica!Jessica enters the stage, waves and sits down on a chairInt- So then Jessica, please explain to our audience your problemsJ- My father makes my life miserable. Our house was hell, and I was fed up of living as a Jewish girl, in a restricted environment. I love a man called Lorenzo, but he is a Christian.

My father hates Christians, as one man had mistreated him in the past, but he has no real reason to hate them in general!Int- And is it true that you ran away from your home to marry this, Lorenzo?J- Indeed it is. My father didn’t trust me as he kept me in our house with the doors locked. One night, I decided that I couldn’t handle living like that anymore, so I arranged for Lorenzo to meet me outside my bedroom window, and I climbed out to leave with him.Int- Let’s make this interesting! Bring on the Jew!Int- We don’t usually let them in the studio, but here’s Shylock!Shylock enters the stage. Crowd boos, thug throws bottle.Interviewer offers hand, but Shylock refuses to take it.

J- Well look what the cat brought in…Int- So then, Shylock, do you know why you’re here?Shy- GruntsInt- You know, you’re not the most popular “person” around here!Shy- Oh shut up will you, I don’t even want to be here.

Int- We need you to cooperate with us.Int- Well, in the meantime, Lorenzo everybody!Lorenzo enters and Shylock stands up and walks towards Lorenzo, arms thrashingInt- Restrain him!Guard comes on and sits Shylock downInt- So then Lorenzo, what do you think about Jessica leaving her home to be with you?L- I think it’s jolly marvellous! A good choice for her to become Christian(Shylock shifts)Int- And Shylock, this may be a stupid question, but what do you…InteruptsShy- I could kill ‘im! He is the one responsible for the loss of my ducats, jewels, and Jessica!Int- And..

. what do you think of Jessica running away with this gentleman?Shy- Gentleman?! Fiend more like! She could have chosen a Jewish man, or should I say, a perfect person.Int to Jessica- So, is it true that you left your religion behind to become a Christian?J- It is, but it was a good choice.

Christians are marvellous people, and that beast of a father is responsible for my choice.Int to Shylock- Why do you hate Christians so much? Who was this man who had “mistreated” you?Shy- We are kept within four walls of our city, controlled by Christians. We have to wear red caps to show that we are Jewish, and one man, has mistreated me multiple times! Christians and Jews are all human beings! If they tickle us, do we not laugh, and if they poison us, do we not die?Int- Yes (ignorantly) but who is this man?!Shy- Oh, you mean Antonio. Well, I hate him for he is a Christian.

He lends out money gratis, he has spat on me for no reason, and has insulted our sacred nation.Int- And is it true you have had sexual relations with “Antonio”?Shy- Of course not! I hate him! Don’t be ridiculous! You people always stir stories up! Get back to the point, pronto.Int- Well, I’m sorry (sarcastically)Int- When did you notice that Jessica had gone?Shy- Later that night, I came home early, and I checked on my money.

3/4s of it had gone! My initial thought was that we had been robbed, so I went to Jessica’s room, and that’s when I noticed she was gone.Int to Jessica- He cannot be angry at you because of this, for you are his daughter and do you not need this money for living purposes?J- Yes, we needed it to get by for the meantime. My father is rich and he lives a fine life.Int to Shylock- So why are you complaining? As said, she is your daughter and she needs this money!Shy- That is not the point! She could have come to me and asked for my permission!J- What? How could I have?! You would have refused instantly! Your money is your life!Shy- GruntsInt to Shylock- Why don’t you let her do what she wants? Surely she has the right to decide her own destinyShy- I’m just disappointed, Judaism is special.

I am very strong to my religion.All except Interviewers exitInt to audience- Ok then, that was interesting! Let’s get back to that later, and hope that they sort their problems out…Int- While they argue, we shall move on.Int- Everybody welcome, the stunning..

. Portia!Portia enters elegantlySits down and flicks hairInt- So Portia, why are you here?P- I am due to marry; however, I cannot choose whom I want to marry. My father who has passed away has left me with restrictions of who I have to love.Int- What are these restrictions?P- Well, men come from all over the world to my humble abode, to choose one out of three caskets, each with a riddle engraved on them. The man who chooseth the casket with my portrait inside, may have me to marry.Int- And what’s the problem?P- I cannot choose who I want, out of who is kind and gentle.

I may not give any hints, and I have to marry the man who decides on the right casket.Int- Well, your father is dead, so why don’t you forget that idea, and do what you want?P- I am afraid that my father is watching over me, and that he will be disappointed in me if I disobey. I loved him, and I want to please him.Ghost entersG- Indeed I am watching over youCrowd- OOOOOEveryone is stunnedInt- Well, we are astonished!Int- Are you prepared to answer our questions?G- Very wellInt- So then, why do you want her to do this?G- I believe it is the right thing to do. Only the right man to match her heart will pick the right castket. I know that she will like the man who picks the right one.Int- Why do you not let her make her own choice? Like in our previous story, why aren’t daughters allowed to live their own lives?!G- She must trust me, as I said, she must trust me.

She will make the wrong choice to choose someone out of her own will.P- Father, I know you are right, but it doesn’t seem fair that you should rule my life, even though you are dead!G- Dearest daughter, have faith in me. If you want, you may disobey me. I cannot control that. But in my heart, I know that you will make the right choice, and follow my command.

Int- Portia, will you?P- Of course I will, I love him dearly.G- Thankyou, now I must be off! Heaven is awaiting!Ghost skips offP- Thankyou, you’ve sorted out my problemsPortia half exitsInt- Hang on there Portia, now that he is gone, what will you really do?P- I will obey his commands, I have great trust in my father/(Laughs) I want to choose my own husband, I am not actually going to let him rule my life!Int- Thankyou Portia, see you soonP- Goodbye (cheermate)Portia exitsInt- What an exiting day we’ve had!Int- AgreedInt- Welcome back, Jessica! Lorenzo! And the Jewish Shylock (sighs)Int- So have you sorted out your problems?J- I have decided to stay exactly how I am. I am perfectly happy being with my love, Lorenzo, and am enjoying the Christian religion.Shy- Beastly girl! I hope you will be happy living a false life! (sarcastically)Int- False you say?Shy- Yes, a false religion, with a false manL- Hang on, that’s out of orderShy- Oh yes? (Shylock stands up)Int- Sit down Shylock, it’s us who ask questions in here, not you!Int to Lorenzo- Any QUESTIONS Lorenzo?L- Yes, firstly, why is he allowed in here? Secondly, why is he allowed in here, and thirdly, WHY IS HE ALLOWED IN HERE?!Int- I agree with LorenzoInt- SameShylock stands upShy- I’m not having any more of this!Shylock storms outCrowd cheersInt- Well, that’s it for today folks!Int- That was fun wasn’t it (name)?

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