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Name: Lecturer: Course: Date: Gibault facility Question 1a Gibault is a recreational facility that was formed initially to rectify the behavior of wayward boys. Currently, the facility serves both boys and girls by providing life-changing opportunities to about eight thousand children and their families. Some of these behavior changes revolve around substance abuse, emotional disturbances, oppositional and aggressive behaviors, disabled children, perpetrators and victims of sexual abuse. The population served is children from both genders from ages eight to seventeen. The custody level depends on a number of circumstances.

These include the whether the child has guardians or not. In case, the child has no guardians, the facility assumes full responsibility. b) According to the information provided on the facility’s website, it was opened in 1921 by the Indiana Knights from Columbus as a home for boys with wayward behavior. c) The authority overseeing this facility is referred to as superintendent of public instruction.

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This official represents an executive government branch that works with the state education board. This official manages Gibault and several other public schools in the state of Indiana. This position was established in the year1851 through the Indiana Constitution.

d) Primarily, the facility has attended to a total of 8570 children and adolescents since its inception. However, it is necessary to understand that the facility runs a program governed by a period schedule spanning up to seven months. When this time expires, new children are admitted into the facility. Hence, admission of new children is carrying out in a systematic manner twice a year rather than on a daily basis. This implies that the facility may at one time have a daily population of about four hundred children.

c) Gibault recreational facility applies a dormitory housing plan. The dormitories consist sleeping quarters separated into cubicles. The dormitories are also divided between those for girls and those for boys. These distinct dormitories also are situated in two different locations with strict security that ensures order. The staff working in the facility also enjoys the privilege of residing in residential quarters. However, not all staff lives in these quarters with others prefer to seek residence outside the school.

Question Two The evidence-based approach used in Indiana applies an interdisciplinary approach with a goal of understanding individual behavior by establishing specific principles and conducting relevant research. In this field, a psychologist attempts to establish the importance of mental functions in social behavior and individuals. Additionally, it also explores the neurobiological and physiological processes underlying cognitive behaviors and functions. While knowledge in psychology is often applied to assess and treat behavior problems, it also attempts to understand and solve problems in a number of human activities.

Question Three One of the programs used in the Indiana department of correction facilities includes the education program. This program involves offering vocational education to the children. While the children are required to undergo procedures to rectify their behavior, they are also required to go through educational classes. Another program includes contemplative programs. This program offers the benefit of relieving stress and other negative emotions from the children. Question Four Ultimately, corrections from the social level are different from those undertaken at the prison level.

In contrast, the corrections at the prison level involve changing the behavior of adults convicted of committing crimes. On the other hand, the social level involves dealing with minors suffering from mental or social problems. Ultimately, correcting an adult and a child calls for different approaches.

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