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Despite all tall claims by the authorities and nagging by voluntary organisations. a huge bulk of the misss are yet illiterate in India. During the last four decennaries since independency. much is being done to liberate adult females. Education of misss is one of the basic characteristics of the program. Many schools and colleges are founded for misss.Even co-education has received considerable support from the populace.

and although Orthodox parents still view the system of co-education with intuition. a big figure of households send their girls to co-educational establishments. Female instruction is. so.

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having a great drift and the progress made by our state in this way during the last decennary or so is considerable.It is being progressively recognized that educated married womans and female parents are an plus to a state and that neither disbursal nor attempt should be spared to do female instruction popular and even compulsory. Being educated. they are working in Bankss.

private houses. infirmaries and authorities offices.Education has led to their economic independency and equality with menfolk. They have now an honoured place in society and have secured their rights from the loath work forces but all this is confined chiefly to the urban countries. In rural countries most of the people are still against girls’ instruction.So much demands to be done yet. An intensive propaganda is necessary to popularise female instruction non merely in the towns and metropoliss where its value is already to the full recognized but in small towns where the instruction of misss is still in its babyhood. There are many small towns where school for miss does non be.

Every small town must hold a girl’ schools. or if that is non possible owing to deficiency of financess. parents should be persuaded to acknowledge their girls to boys’ schools therefore advancing co-education.

Furthermore. the utmost poorness of the Indian multitudes makes it imperative that instruction for misss should be free up to the matriculation criterion. If installations for female instruction are provided in every small town. it will besides be possible to do it compulsory.Particular statute law should so be enacted to cover with parents who neglect the instruction of their girls. This irresistible impulse would be indispensable in early phases because most villagers are still excessively nescient to understand the value of instruction for misss.It should non be forgotten.

nevertheless. that the instruction given to girls ought to be purely in conformity with their demands.At present. practically no differentiation exists between the instruction of male childs and that of misss. The two sexes are taught the same subjects both at school and college and they have to look in the same scrutinies.

That is clearly absurd. We must non lose sight of the fact while male childs have to be fitted for callings ; misss have to be prepared chiefly for their responsibilities as married womans and female parents.It is true that many misss would wish to take up assorted occupations like the male childs.

but even so the course of study and classs of surveies and the topics for the two sexes should non be precisely the same.Girls ought to have a good general instruction. No affair what other topics they are taught. cooking.

music. picture and hygiene should have particular accent. Subjects like arithmetic. history.

geographics and scientific discipline will no uncertainty be common to boys and misss. Girls should chiefly be trained for domestic life and all that goes with it.For we can non get away the natural fact that the misss have one twenty-four hours to go married womans and as a effect female parents. Due accent should be laid on nursing. cookery.

wash. house­hold histories. etc. in the instruction of misss. They should be given lessons in kid psychological science.Ample chances should be for them to larn the humanistic disciplines of dancing. music and painting if they have the necessary aptitude.

That being so. the nature of instruction that is given to them now must be such as to turn out utile to them in their hereafter capacity as married womans and female parents.No uncertainty certain misss show promise of turning into creative persons. authors. speechmakers. politicians and so forth. others may prefer to follow such professions as doctoring. instruction and jurisprudence and still others may wish to go steno-typists.

secretaries. concern executives. receptionists. telephone operators. etc. But the bulk of misss have of course a distinguishable penchant for a general instruction.

after which they will come in marriage and settle down in their places.So while all possible agreements should be in schools and colleges to promote endowment or a particular aptitude for a peculiar profession. the mean miss should be so educated and trained as to enable her to do place life happy. healthy and civilised.

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