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Name: Course: Lecturer: Date: GISAT 160 I was born and brought up in Riyadh, Saudi Arabia. Riyadh has been my home for the last nineteen years, until I moved to America late last year.

I am currently a student at James Madison University. Growing up in Riyadh was a pleasant experience for me, and I must say I enjoyed every part of it. I knew all my neighbors, and my relatives lived near us. We are a close family, and there is never a moment that goes by when I can say I felt lonely and isolated. I am relatively a social person who enjoys the company of others, but I occasionally like to spend some time alone to reflect on different things concerning my life.

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I have lived in America for the past eight months, and I must say that it has been a new experience for me. Some days have been hard and I have missed all the comforts of home. Other days have been easy and have provided me with new learning experiences. I have been able to make new friends and learn about a new culture. I am a Muslim, and I am one of those people who are not ashamed of their religion. Being brought up in Saudi Arabia meant that I was exposed to Islam at an early age. This gave me a many opportunities to learn about my religion and integrate it with my culture.

My religion provides me with the basis for my beliefs. It has taught me many things concerning life. While in Riyadh, it was normal to do things from an Islamic perspective because that was the normal thing to do.

However, in America, I find that I have to think more about my actions, since this is a country of many religions. It is the first time that I am exposed to many different religions. I get to learn the importance of the teachings I received as I continue to live here. I have learnt how to apply the concepts of peace and harmony, as I try to reconcile my religion with the different culture in America.

I also have the opportunity of teaching others about my religion, and ridding them of their misconceived notions and half-truths. I believe that the differences among people have contributed to the uniqueness and individuality among people. We can all live together peaceably if we learn to appreciate the differences among us, and if we take the time to learn more about each other. Emotionally, I believe I am strong and can handle most of the emotions that I experience. Most of the time, I prefer the company of my friends, whom I can open up to when there is the need. This way, I feel encouraged when I know that my friends are going through the same experiences as mine.

This makes me feel not alone and perfectly normal as a young man. As I am going through changes, some of them have an effect on my emotions, where I am interested in knowing what others think of me. Sometimes I am afraid that I may not be living up to my expectations as well as what others expect of me. This creates some mixed emotions in my head, leaving me confused about what to do.

However, with help, I am able to handle my emotions, and remain jovial as many people consider me to be. Economically, I do consider myself at the economic level my parents have brought me up. Although I am not able to take care of myself, I associate my economic identity to my family. My family is at the middle class, and provides me with what I need.

Therefore, with everything that I can get from my parents, I consider my self in the same economic class as others will consider me. Most of my friends are within this economic class. Since I was a little child, I have always considered myself rich. From what my parents had, such as a nice vehicle and a lovely house, I believed they were rich, and I could have everything that I would need.

Until now, my parents have always provided for our family and everything we need. As I grew up, I realized that my family is not so rich from a comparison with other families that were richer. I realized that there are families with more than what we have by far. On the other hand, I also realized that my family was not poor from a comparison with other families that find it hard to make both ends meet. I now understand that I am in the middle economic class because this is where parents brought me up. Physically, I can consider myself average in terms of height and weight. From a comparison with other students in my class, I find myself in the average, since there are taller people than me as well as shorter one in the class.

I have a pair of deep-set blue eyes, with an average eye distance. My hair is always kept to an average height with an upswept style. My head is square shaped which can be noticed from the outline of my face, which I think I got from my father. However, considering that I am still under growth, my physical appearance is yet to be fully developed. To keep myself physically fit, I do a lot of exercise especially in the basketball team, where exercise is part of the routine.

This helps me keep in shape and live a healthy life style, one that allows me to enjoy myself. Additionally, it keeps me healthy and protects me from some of the health conditions caused by lack of exercise. One of the changes that my body is going through is the change of the voice. My voice is relatively deep.

I am a freshman at James Madison University. I have not been here for long, but I have enjoyed my short stay here. The university is located the quiet little town of Harrisonburg in Virginia. It is a nice place to study and live. The people are friendly, and they have made me feel welcome. This has helped me to adjust nicely. I chose this university because of its good reputation, especially in business studies.

The university is famous because of its ability to provide relevant education. It has reputable and well knowledgeable faculty, and numerous resources, aimed at helping the students. Every student that passes through the university gets the opportunity to change the world through what he has learnt.

I believe that the time I spend here will be beneficial for me. It will give me a chance to learn and get new skills and knowledge.

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