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Last updated: August 12, 2019

Global Peace Festival BY Dante16842 GLOBAL PEACE FESTIVAL 2013 Nueva EciJa High School Character- Based Education School Narrative Report INTRODUCTION The Global Peace Festival Foundation has been succeeded at the Nueva Ecua High School wherein lots of foreigners and local communities are gathered in such prestigious event. It was made possible by the NEHS Values Education Department last November 18, 2013. It was followed by an All Lights Village Project held at Palayan City. The Global Peace Foundation supports projects and programs in countries all round the world.These activities are conceived as ‘models’ designed to give substance to the ideal of One Family under God in specific social and geographical areas. Service puts the values formed in family and community into practice in the wider society.

It is a catalyst for personal transformation, fostering young leaders of character who can become agents of social transformation. Service in other countries and cultures develops awareness of and a sense of responsibility for the wider society and world, forming bonds of heart that transcend historic differences.On the past, Global Peace Festival was a huge success and after so many years, it continuously helps our fellow people who are in need of such reliefs, such lights/ electricity and efficient yet low-in-cost machineries to help several people in the community. Moreover, NEHS took a great and grand opportunity and intensify programs like this. For past decades, NEHS is the number 1 in terms of leadership, competency et al. Students are clarified to the condition that NEHS must be always beyond the boundary.Especially, the teachers who became part of students’ chievement are really the endeavors of modern life.

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“Neither race nor religion”- a line from the National Theme Song of Global Peace Festival, which has a very strong sense, and succeeded by the next line- “No barriers can keep us apart”, is a tuneful and educational when heard. No races are being discriminated nor praised, and NEHS truly expressed this thought by respecting thy dear visitors who are visiting to examine NEHS if it is a truly character-based.Now, GPF will be an everlasting achievement from the NEHS faculty and staffs, and to all the fellow students, for aving this marvelous event. Morning Activity??”Day 1 The gathering was exhausting to the faculty of NEHS, but sarcastically is not! When we look beyond what we see, all the students are there, sitting, and waiting for other fellow students. When we look beyond what we see, all the teachers took charge, took their mission as educators. And when we look and look beyond, we can see peace, and peace is at the hearts of young and mature learners.

The arrival of the delegates was very intricate to explain, it is because they can/ an’t be comfortable of their respective places. But as we see, it was a success. Foreign Languages are not in the mood to be spoken, and the delegates are at their most powerful tongues to speak a very wonderful word??”MABUHAY! The priest is at his service, to speak the word of truth, and to speak in peace. How nature is in peace if the forests are not cut down, and calamities won’t be a total chaos.

Afternoon Activities As usual, all took their meals; all fill their tummies, burp and thank the Lord.Another talk from Korean people, and she is a youth. She tackles on peace by means of youth orientation. All fun has Just begun and all have got their bodies energized by means of “energizers”. Next Day At Palayan, NEHS also participated there. By that case, the memories of bringing peace are engraved in the soil of hope.

The plant is the symbol of new hope, and all will harvest the fruit afterwards. All in all, it was a success; it was not an ordinary Regional Peace Festival, but a Mass Peace and Hope Festival. May God Bless us all. PEACE be with us.

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