Global Warming

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Last updated: October 7, 2020

Since the end of WI the United States has played the role of international policeman.

As one of the strongest economic, political, and economic powers in the world the United Nations Special committee on Global warming research has also made us the leading emissions releaser in the world, with approximately one fifth of all global emissions coming from our country. There are many causes of the greenhouse effect. The most prevalent greenhouse gas is Carbon dioxide or CO.

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Carbon dioxide and it’s fellow greenhouse gases are released in agricultural practices world wide. They are released by the burning of fossil fuels.There are many invaluable methods in each of these areas to produce Carbon dioxide. In agriculture there are dozens of ways that greenhouse gases are produced world wide.

The clearing of land and the subsequent burning of the vegetation releases a green house gas. Add to that the vegetation they removed is also what removes Carbon dioxide from the atmosphere and a lethal cycle can be scene. Methane another greenhouse gas is released by the decomposing of manure for fertilization. Methane is also released by cattle in high amounts. These are the most prevalent ways agriculture creates greenhouse gases.The burning of fossil fuels is another leading cause of greenhouse gases. These emissions can be seen when you start your car on a cold early morning and the muffler smokes the pavement behind it.

It can be seen in the form of smog in the heavily populated cities throughout the world. The gases are also released by the industries that require furnaces to burn the toxin that they create. In addition the landfills releases other greenhouse gases and increase the total emission that are produced. The Green house effect poses many dangers. First the melting of the polar ice caps would increase sea level and flood coastal areas.Second it poses a threat to agriculture.

Third it threatens the environments and ecosystems of the world. These are the true dangers that the next generation will be forced to bare the brunt of if we do not decrease world wide emissions of green house gases. We are endangering the largest ecosystem, the oceanic system by altering the waters and releasing ice that has been in a frozen state for eons. With the ice melted we are also losing one of the best measurements to study climate hanged since, the Ice rarely melts enough to change its make up drastically.The final and most deadly danger comes in the environmental changes. As temperatures go up evaporation is increased.

So now we face the prospect of increased rain fall, but we will also see drier soils. In many areas this would destroy the agrarian way of life. The temperatures would also lead to stronger and more prevalent rain storms, the violence of which cannot be estimated. These changes world wide could create vast deserts in ecosystems already teetering on the brink of collapse and turn strong ecosystems into death traps.

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