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Last updated: October 13, 2020

According to a “large field of scientific consensus” and “scientific evidence” humans are spouting UT carbon dioxide and according to scientists our carbon dioxide is causing the planet to heat at rapid and never before seen rates. Then causing the polar ice caps to melt and the world’s oceans to increase in size, and extend onto our land, inevitably causing the end of mankind. Ladies and gentlemen that is a load of garbage.In this essay will show you many different reasons on how global warming is fake, a scam, politically driven, really has little scientific evidence backing it, and how the global warming movement has negatively affected our country, and our planet. First off let’s start off with the political influence behind global warming.

Almost every day that you turn on the television and watch a news channel, you will hear something on how global warming and manmade CO is causing a ruckus upon our planet, and how numerous of scientists are saying that we need to change our ways.That is just simply not true. Why won’t it just die down then if it is not true? Well let me explain. The global warming hysteria has caused a huge shift of money and power. There are thousands of scientists that believe global warming is happening.

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Many of them get paid to research and find out what is causing global warming and ways we can fix it.Well if the whole global warming theory, (notice I use the word theory, because by technicality a theory is merely a plausible or scientifically acceptable general principle or body of principles offered to explain phenomena, so it’s not completely true), was to be shot down and finally accepted as not actually happening then there would be thousands of scientists without jobs. So in order for those scientists to keep getting paid there has to be a problem, (in this case global warming).If global warming was completely nullified and accepted as not true then it would also affect everyone connected to it. Politicians who back global warming policies wouldn’t be getting money from multi-million dollar corporations backing it such as television networks, BBC and CBS to name a few. In 2006 a movie called An Inconvenient Truth was released by Paramount Studios. It was a documentary about the so called “global warming theory’ and our effect on the planet by emitting CO This film went on to win numerous awards, despite being filled with tons of false information.

One of he big mistakes made by AY Gore in that movie was him stating that the Western part of the world is emitting carbon dioxide is causing the other countries who don’t have anything to do with global warming suffer terrible droughts, and harsh weather conditions. Yes, many other non-developed countries has been suffering from these terrible weather experiences for years, and we have been trying to help them, but the Democrats in congress and the house have constantly been shooting it down.Why mighty ask? Well, see if we were to develop and industrialized in Africa for example, we loud just push ourselves closer to the brink of the end of human civilization. Basically, instead of developing third world countries, and saving millions Of lives by providing safe shelter, clean water, safe food, liberals and global warming theorists would rather sit back and let them suffer in the face of a false theory, in order to prove a point and kill the African Dream, which is to develop.That just shows you the kind of people that are behind this abominable campaign. Now let’s talk about the main person behind the global warming campaign, AY Gore.

AY Gore is a hypocrite, a thief, a scam artist, and a liar. Many people believe that our Ex-Vice President AY Gore is a honest hard working man who is trying to save the environment. Despite that he flew cross country on 4 different occasions to promote his documentary, An Inconvenient Truth, is his private jet, (What happened to flying commercial in order to use less fossil fuels? . Lets also not forget that Gore lives in a 10,000-square-foot, 20-room, eight, bathroom home in Nashville, with two people, (himself and his wife Tipper), and consumes 221 ,OHO kHz a year, which on average is 20 times higher than he yearly average consumption rate for Americans, which is 10,656 kHz a year. AY Gore paid more than $30,000 for the energy consumed in his two person mansion in 2006; this is the guy that’s supposed to educate the world about global warming?Soon, AY Gore came to defend himself and finally renovated to install solar panels on his home to cut down on his energy usage, and for all the “damage” he did to the environment to cause global warming he purchased carbon credits, (which is my next topic), to “off-set” his carbon emissions.

Carbon Credits is basically a pyramid scheme, (with AY Gore at the top). What you do is, if you want to help save the world from your carbon emissions that you have no choice but have to emit, you can purchase carbon credits.For every carbon credit you purchase, your money is supposedly donated to scientists and other companies that are researching alternative energy sources and ways to stop global warming. However, the biggest carbon credit company is owned and managed by AY Gore himself. It is a privately owned and operated business so the money that he gets from these Americans thinking that they are helping research for alternative energy resources may not even be going an?»veer except for AY Gores pocket, and it is completely legal since it is a privately owned and operated business that AY Gore is the owner and President.So, for the carbon credits that he paid to cancel out his carbon footprint for his ludicrous consumption of energy on his mansion and private jet, really went right back to his pocket. This is just one of the many reasons why it is hard to believe the “sky is falling” act is really happening when there are hypocrites and thief backing the global warming movement, such as AY Gore, to name one of the very many.

Not only are there politicians backing global warming, but according to global warming followers there is also indisputable science evidence backing it.Once again, it’s just another cluster of bogus information spat out by global warming believers. Here will prove to you how global warming really is not happening, and any true fluctuation in temperature is naturally happening. Scientific evidence shows that there have been many other times in Earth’s history that the weather was a lot hotter than what it is now. One example of that is a period of time known as the “Medieval Warm Period. During the divided time period temperatures got up to 4 degrees higher than the most recent high in 1998. Back in the medieval time period there were no SUBS, or private jets, or mansions to emit carbon dioxide like today, so why was there such a large temperature fluctuation? That happened because there was a usual amount of volcanic eruptions during the medieval warm period, which is a natural source that emits the most carbon dioxide out of anything on the planet.

This is a natural occurrence that happens, and is not controlled by humans. This is more evidence pointing towards the fact that temperature hanged are natural, and not controlled by mankind. Another warm period even further before the medieval warm period occurred, called the Holocene Maximum. During this time period which occurred over 6,000 years ago, temperatures were around 7 degrees higher than what they currently are today.

This also lasted for around 3,000 years of constant temperature increase. Why might this happen?There weren’t any carbon pumping humans then, so the true explanation is that there were something called solar variations, or solar flares. During the Medieval Warm Period, and the Holocene Maximum there were any solar flares occurring along with other natural phenomena like volcanoes erupting, which contributed to the warming of the planet, (all natural occurrences). Solar flares are basically higher temperature waves of heat that are emitted from the sun, and travel down to the Earth, and heat up the planet quicker.

These can be seen by finding sun spots on the sun. After a sun spot occurs then a solar flare will be emitted, therefore the more solar flares that are emitted the greater the increase of the temperature on Earth. Over the past 15 years scientists have observed the sun and have realized hat there is a very large amount of sun spots on the sun, which is one of the many explanations of why the temperature on earth has increased over the past decade. Us as humans are too small to make a true impact on the temperatures of our planet.The only thing big enough to do so is the sun and everything else that naturally emits carbon dioxide. Such as plants, volcanoes, and animals.

Around 99. 07% of carbon dioxide is naturally emitted and manmade carbon dioxide only accounts for 0. 03% of the total CO in our atmosphere.

Another piece of evidence that proves global warming is not occurring is by cooking at temperatures from the late 1 sass up until the ass’s and the Post War Economic Boom.In the early sass most of the world was not industrialized and had been slowed down by WWW and WI. Then came along the Post War Economic Boom, where after WI much of the world finally started to advance and become more industrialized and the world began to see many every day products we see now, like cars, washing machines, and refrigerators on an international scale. However during this time of mass production and industrial boom, the temperature data does not match up with the theory behind global warming.Most of the warming that occurred during the 1 sass technically should have occurred during the post war economic boom since this was the largest increase in manmade carbon dioxide the world has seen.

However, the temperature date does not show that. Majority of the warming that occurred in the sass occurred from 1910 until 1940, during a time where there was a rather small amount of industrialization and mass production was seen in only parts of America. During the Post War Economic Boom there actually was a decrease in the temperatures, which is theory should have sky rocketed.Not only did the temperatures fall, but they fell consistently for 4 decades. The temperatures didn’t increase until the recession Of the Carter Era in 1 979 when temperatures technically should have declined due to the oil embargo imposed by Jimmy Carter. This leads me to the next topic that shoots down global warming, Global Cooling.

In the sass after 4 decades of cooling scientists warned that the Earth would soon plunge into an Ice Age. Scientists firmly believed, as they do now, that CO would destroy the world’s weather system and plunge us into another ice age.

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