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Last updated: October 5, 2020

Meanwhile, people should consider how to reduce the emission of carbon oxide and take some actions to stop global warming. What is global warming? Global warming is the increase in the average temperature of Earth’s near-surface air and oceans since the mid-20th century and its projected continuation. According to the 2007 Fourth Assessment Report by the Intergovernmental Panel on Climate Change, global surface temperature increased 0. 74 В± 0. 18 co (1.

33 В± 0. 32 OF) during the 20th century. In nearly 1 00 years, the average global temperature goes through four fluctuations: cold, warm, cold again, and warm again.After sass, the temperature was ascending obviously. We can see the changes through an experiment. Have students mix 4 TTS. Of salt into an 8-oz.

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Glass of tap water from the fridge and add it into a wide- mouthed, I-quart-volume glass jar. Instruct youngsters to take a second 8-oz. Glass of room temperature water and stir in 4 TTS. Of salt and 1/2 a medicine dropper of red food coloring. Children should then hold a desert spoon over the mouth of the refrigerated water and slowly pour the red room temperature water into the spoon so it spills over and mixes with the cold water.

Youngsters should observe the outcome carefully, as the colder water s layered below the warmer water. Students should repeat this experiment with different temperatures and saltiness of water to see how they can explain how global warming can affect thermopile circulation. What caused global warming? It is caused by several factors. First, population explosion is one of the main factors of global warming it also threatens the balance between man and nature.

Second, atmospheric pollution is being on the rise, and it has already become an international major problem. It is also the basic problem of global warming.Third, marine ecology and environment took a turn for the worse. That may lead to the damage of fresh water resources.

Forth, erosion, colonization, and desertification Of land make the ecological environment deteriorated, and flood and sand storm may happen more frequently. Fifth, the forest resources are sharply decreased by natural changes and human actions. Sixth, acid rain can destroy the forest, acid ate lakes, and endanger animals.

Seventh, water pollution destroyed the balance between the demand and supply of fresh water. Last, toxic chemical wastes have threats on the ecological environment on the earth’ surface.What are the negative effects caused by global warming? This serious environmental problem generates amount of destructive effects to the entire planet: ice melting, climate change, animals and plants’ extinction, and threat of human society. Primarily, as the temperature increases, ice melting is regard as the most intractable issue.

Melting of ice raises the sea level. Jonathan Over peck, an earth scientist at the University of Arizona in Tucson thinks sea level rise will occur at rates of up to a meter or three feet per one hundred year (Brown 102).This statistic reveals the raising temperature is detrimental to global climate and the main reason why global warming exults in sea level rising is strongly due to thermal expansion (Brown 102). When the temperature of the sea becomes warming than before, the sea level will rise.

In addition, as a result of ice melting, landscape also transforms. Meanwhile, global warming also causes climate change to bring about many other awful effects such as more destructive storms, more fire disaster and more intense drought. The second effect of global warming is to make many animals and plants endangered.Considerable data verified that more than 200 native plant species in the United States have gone extinct; more than 760 plant species in the U. S.

Re federally listed as endangered or threatened and 20 percent of our native plant species are in decline and on a conservation watch list. As same as plants, there are also many endangered animals generating which are imputable to global warming, such as polar bears. Some scientists believe the Polar bears in Alaska would become extinct in 50 years’ time (Keeper). These data warn us that we call for paying effort on survival of species.

The last negative effect of global warming is more related to humankind. Global warming will also threaten human society. It will cause the infectious diseases too easy to spread and infect. Bacteria will hard to control through fast breeder reactor, and threat our lives. Destructive insects will erode the house and it may lead a vagrant life eventually. What’s more, global warming impedes outdoor activities. Some outside entertainment sports such as skiing and snowboard will be influenced by ice melting and climate change.

Nevertheless, when we face these negative affects, which caused by global warming, what we could do to against it? A survey conducted by Yale university and George Mason university found that the number of Americans who believed that climate change was a joke or scientific conspiracy had ore than doubled since 2008, to 16 percent of the population from 7 percent. An additional 13 percent of Americans said they thought that even if the planet was warming, it was a result solely of natural factors and was not a significant concern (Brown 158).This survey exposes a certain number of people do not seen it as a serious problem. In order to arouse people’s consciousness to take actions against global warming, enacting some specific regulations and laws are indispensable by the government. First, forest protection is requisite; one type of forest protection is to purchase land to secure it.

Furthermore, enhancing the international corporation to consist an Alliance is also an effective method to spread the concept of conserving sources. Of course, education is essential as a portion to prompt children’s environmental consciousness.The education conveys an appropriate environmental concept to the kids, for instance: taking public transportation, saving energy and recycling waste substance. However, is there any positive effect? Yes, there is. The widespread knowledge of global warming has already waked the consciousness of residents throughout the world. One of the major concerns n conservation is the use of plastic bags. Many stores give plastic bags away too freely.

The amount of waste is alarming as we are reaching tons of waste each year! Plastic waste is polluting the environment and we need to address it now.There are several things being done to bring plastic recycling to the forefront where these plastic bags are concerned. Companies have started to take steps to reduce the number of plastic bags been given away in their daily operations.

Some Solutions Some companies place recycling bins at their stores. When customers come back to the store they can bring their bags and recycle them easily. However, the number of bags leaving the store and the number returning are not quite equal with far more going out then coming back.

There are stores that even remove the use of bags. The stores have started to encourage the use of cloth shopping bags and some stores ask the customers to purchase their own bags. Some consumers have already jumped on the idea and bring their own bags when they go shopping. In conclusion, global warming has hazard to cause sea level rise and climate change: it leads to the extinction of plants and animals, while hinders people’s daily life and threatens human society. It also has few positive effects which eating people to focus on reuse, reduce, and recycle.Based on these negatives effects of global warming, stressed that alleviating the effects of global warming is not a simple task.

It calls for global concentration that every country takes action to preserve the earth ecosystem. This essay consequently addressed people requiring nurturing the consciousness to conserve the sources, enlightening people to preserve the planet. If people can comprehend the details of global warming well, they will realize the significance to protect the environment and what we should do in our daily life. The more attention we paid, the better world will be.

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