Global warming is inevitable. No matter what human

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Last updated: August 31, 2019

Global warming is inevitable. No matter what human beings do to reduce emissions, global warming still exists on our planet. The media tends to exaggerate the human causes of global warming, leading people to believe that it is a much greater problem than it actually may be. Even if man does everything possible to diminish his effect on global warming, there will still be natural triggers, such as volcanoes.

Even with the natural causes factored in, it is possible, and important, to reduce the human footprint. Even though most of the global warming effects are caused by non-human activities, there are things that humans do that may add to the problem. When we throw garbage into the trash can, it is collected and transported to a landfill. Over time, the trash begins to decompose, and emits a greenhouse gas, known as methane.

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The fossil fuels that are used in gasoline also have an effect on global warming. When they are used in cars to power the engine, they emit carbon dioxide, which enters the atmosphere. A gas used in fertilizers, anesthesia, and industrial processes, known as nitrous oxide, is also harmful to the environment. Burning oil and coal to produce electricity also creates pollution, which in turn contributes to global warming. While some global warming is caused by humans, most is done by natural causes. Most of global warming is caused by processes that we cannot control.

One of these factors is volcanic eruptions. During an eruption, the volcano spews ash, smoke, and gases, such as CO2, over a very large area. The accumulation of greenhouses gases contributes to a rise in global temperature. In 2010, there was a very large volcano in Iceland that erupted. The amount of gases emitted may have negated some of the conservation work that Iceland and other European countries had done. Volcanoes may contribute more to global warming than all of the human factors combined. Another natural cause of global warming is the presence or absence of sunspots on the sun. When the sun has more sunspots, the heat emitted by surrounding areas is greater.

In total, more sunspots make for a warmer climate. Due to uneven heating, certain places of the Earth get hotter. Solar radiation plays a part in the Earth’s global warming, but at times can also cause a decrease in global temperature, because this occurs in a cycle. While we should be mindful of what resources we use, and what we waste, which in turn may reduce the human impact on global warming, some of the money spent on reducing global warming might be better used elsewhere. While most causes of global warming appear to be natural, I think it is important to do our part in controlling what we can control. I believe that some of the causes and effects of global warming may be exaggerated by the media, especially the ones caused by humans.

In conclusion, when observed over thousands of years, the increase in temperature has been very slight, so there may be little that humans can do to prevent global warming.

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