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Last updated: October 10, 2020

Some people believe that the natural causes are a release of methane gas from arctic tundra and wetlands, and that the Earth is going through a natural phase that we have no control over. Many believe that though man-made pollution is what is causing global warming to occur. There are more man-made causes that do more damage because there are various causes rather than the natural causes that occur. One of the biggest causes is pollution because pollution comes in various forms and sizes.

Gases known as greenhouse gas emissions kill our environment due to the deadly gases that are released into our atmosphere destroying our o-zone layer. These gases can come from factories, cars, electrical appliances, even the manufacturing of them. The fact that man- made activity is causing our pollution and there is statistics that show an increase of a rise in temperature due to greenhouse gas emissions. The problems begin when human activities distort and accelerate the natural process by creating more greenhouse gases in the atmosphere than are necessary such as in factories.Even though greenhouse gas emissions have been around for centuries cause they are found in natural settings, such as volcanoes. Human activity have put an increase in the gases because of the advancement in technology such as factories. Many factories produce long-lasting industrial gases that do not occur naturally, yet contribute significantly to the enhanced greenhouse effect and “global warming” that is currently under way.

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Factories produce gases such as methane gas, carbon dioxide, nitrous oxide, and several other harmful gases.There are many types of different factories that produce different types of gases. Power plants, for examples, generate power y burning fossil fuels like natural gas, oil, and coal. This produces more greenhouse gases than any other human activity accounting for more than one quarter of global emissions. The power plant produces carbon dioxide which is twenty-five percent of global greenhouse gases in the world. According to National Geographic, “Power plants, industrial facilities and vehicles are the main producers of carbon dioxide.In fact, electricity generation releases 41 percent of all carbon dioxide emissions in the U.

S. , according to the ERA. Factories, which manufacture metals, chemicals, elastics and minerals, generate carbon dioxide as a byproduct’ (Larches). On May 13, 201 0 Environmental Protection Agency released new rules on greenhouse gases produced by power plants, oil refineries, and factories. It states that new or upgraded facilities would have to install the best available technology to limit their emission of these pollutants.

This would affect about thirty percent of greenhouse gas emissions.Even though this is attempting to clean the air some certain factories that produces car are letting greenhouse gases take effect because the plastic used for the cars have ungenerous fossil fuels in them. It would be taking a step into the right direction to clean up our air, even though we still make these gases through cars, and car parts.

Cars produce various amounts of greenhouse gases. The main three gases that do the most damage to our environment are methane, carbon dioxide, and nitrous oxide. Each of these gases does specific damages to our environment.

Methane gas can sit in our atmosphere for nine to fifteen years.It is twenty times more powerful then carbon dioxide trapping the heat into the air. A typical vehicle emits 5. 2 metric tons of carbon dioxide, and nitrous oxide contributing six percent of gases. This is a major problem because of increasing automobile emissions and deforestation. The atmosphere Cannot absorb all of the carbon dioxide produce by a car.

“The main cause of global warming after ICC (Carbon Dioxide), and controlling soot emissions would have a more immediate effect since soot causes its harm during the relatively brief time it is in the air” (Complementarities).With the release of carbon dioxide pollutant released into our air it is causing our sea and air enraptures to peak, which is an indication of global warming. Not only does this pose as a problem to our air quality, but with sea temperature on the rise it raises a threat to our marine life. Technology does exist today to make cars run cleaner, and burn less gas. Even though it is making an effort to clean the environment up, it doesn’t mean you’re automatically using clean energy when you plug in your hybrid.

Depending on your city different cities and states produce electric power through different energy sources.While most cities are still using coal and or oil, you may end up emitting as much or more illusion as a regular vehicle in order to power your car. Even in our everyday routines, such as cooking dinner with our electrical appliances we are burning off greenhouse gases. Any electrical appliance in your house that uses electricity set out greenhouse gases. Even appliances like refrigerators and freezers that use refrigerants. What people don’t realize is that to make the electricity run is burning coal which is letting out carbon dioxide.Now using electricity isn’t necessarily creating global warming, but little things such as using your cherisher are letting out greenhouse gases. ‘ ‘The automatic dishwashing process uses less life cycle energy than manual dishwashing and consequently results in lower ICC emissions” (Hassles).

If everyone washed there dishes by hand, it would lower the carbon dioxide that is being released every time we put on the dishwasher. Even things in your house such as a heating or cooling system use a form of electricity or natural gas.When using your air conditioning it lets out a refrigerant which is a form of a gas.

These gases are known as Chlorofluorocarbons (CIFS) and are used in refrigerators. If this is let out into the atmosphere it can heavily cause global warming and deplete the o-zone layer. People may think that just using our appliances isn’t that harmful to the environment, but what people don’t know is the manufacturing process of our appliances and cars hurt our environment just as much. Even the manufacturing of the appliances and cars we use on a daily basis is killing our atmosphere. Fossil fuels are also used to make a wide variety of products including plastic which, like the automobile, has become a key component of modern society’ (Fusillades). The plastics that are used to create them have fossil fuels in them. Fossil fuels are crude oil or petroleum, which are long chains of hydrocarbons. They are modified to make plastic, therefore the fossil fuels are used to make plastic.

Manufacturing appliances and cars generally involves fossil fuels, which will eventually lead to increased atmospheric ICC. Fossil fuels can also be made out Of coal, which is also harmful to our environment.If we don’t change how we are manufacturing our appliances, it will eventually kill our atmosphere before we are even able o use our appliances or be able to drive our car. Global warming isn’t a topic that most people know about, especially when it comes to greenhouse gas emissions. Greenhouse gas emissions are found every. Veer in the world, even in your basic life style. We burn various greenhouse gases in factories, including carbon dioxide, nitrous oxide, and methane gas. When these gases are released into our atmosphere it starts to deplete it.

What many people don’t realize is that these gases are found in our everyday routine.Whether we are using our car to run errands, or our appliances to cook dinner, greenhouse gases are being let into our air and polluting it. Even fifties gases could be prohibited they will always be around out Earth because various gases already are released into the air. It takes hundreds of years for the gases to diminish from the atmosphere. While our society is taking pre-cautions to stop global warming caused by greenhouse gases, it is still not enough. Some may say that we have fuel efficient cars, and energy saving appliances which help with lowering the effect of the greenhouse gases.We need to take a stand though because the gases that are still being released into our atmosphere are still causing major potential in global warming.

According to Houghton, “The two warmest years in the record are 1998 and 2005, 1998 ranking the highest on one estimate and 2005 highest on two other estimates. Also 12 of the 13 years 1995 to 2007 rank among the 13 warmest years in the whole record. A further striking statistic is that each Of the first eight months Of 1998 was very likely the warmest of those months in the record up to that date”(Houghton).

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