Globalisation, universe. It simply means that the world has

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Last updated: June 22, 2019

Globalisation,which has created a dramatic change to our universe. It simply means that theworld has become integrated into many sectors namely economically, politically,socially, and culturally. Therefore, English is a bridge to connect people fromacross the world; especially, it plays an important role in both developingcountries in general and Vietnam in particular to step up industrialization andmodernization nowadays. Thus, the demand of learning international language hasopened many possibilities and challenges for English educational centres inVietnam to compete both domestically and internationally.

ILA has 9 main  competitors; which target in same customerssuch as VUS, Apollo, British Council, AMA and so forth (top10tphcm, 2017). The more English centres is beingmushroomed and being developed, the more unique methods and strategies that areprovided not only equip outside but also understand some aspects to motivateemployees inside of the organization in order to compete its competitors insuch a competitive environment. Several research findings on motivation and jobsatisfaction have conducted, for example in government school in Kenya (WANGAI, 2012), in public andprivate sector bank in India (Azash, S., Ramesh, S., Sudheer Kumar, M, 2011), in project basedorganisation in Dubai (Thomas, 2011). These studies presented that employeeseven teachers are motivated by both intrinsic (internal) factors and extrinsic(external) factors and supervisors cannot ignore these two factors whenmotivating employee to enrich job satisfaction.

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Meanwhile, most of the studieswere conducted outside Vietnam. In addition, there are many studies researchesin educational field in Vietnam, some of them researched in Bank sector – (Bankfor Investment and Development of Vietnam), in shoes company in Cam Binh –Vietnam (Loan, C., Linh, D, 2016). However, there is less research focus on educational field ingeneral and in English training sector in particular. This research isgoing to fill this gap. Therefore, this research focuses on the factors (Empowermentand participation of employee, working conditions, Recognition of efforts andRewards for the same, Teamwork, Training and Development of individual skills) thataffect the job satisfaction of employees at ILA – Ho Chi Minh 

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