Globalization of U.S. Culture

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Globalization of U.S. Culture Name: Course: Date: Globalization of U.S.

Culture Introduction Many have argued that the U.S. popular culture is at the forefront of globalization, so much that globalization can largely be viewed as the spread of American culture.

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Globalization refers to the spread of ideas and cultures across different countries in the world. This process is facilitated through actions such as trade and immigration of people. Through globalization, the world is interconnected to some extent since several countries have each other’s cultures as part of their own. This reinforces unity in the world and it helps the countries identify with each other.

However, some critics exist who view globalization in pessimistic light. Such people believe that globalization if facilitating the loss of cultural identity from the native countries in question. For this reason, they are against the practice of globalization.

There is another controversial belief that several countries and individuals agree to, that globalization is more of the spread of American culture. The spread of the American culture is commonly referred to as Americanization. Supporters of this notion claim that American culture in the world is gaining dominance over all the other cultures present in the world. The supremacy of only one culture in the world threatens cultural diversity.

This perception is supported by the global influence asserted by American brands and businesses in the world. This influence has led to the rapid spread of the American culture in several countries in the world. Critics have predicted that if this spread is to continue as fast it is, it will be the end of cultural diversity, as we know it (James, 2010). Tasks The history and origin of an item makes it inevitably American. This is because it was developed in America and is patented in that specific country. Claiming that the item belongs to a different country is preposterous not only because there is proof of its manufacture in the country but also because of the patent rights. For instance in the case of the popular U.

S. based fast food chain, McDonalds it has its origin in the U.S. and this makes it inevitably American. McDonald’s Corporation is the world’s largest fast food chain.

It specializes in the sale of hamburgers, chicken, French fries salads and drinks such as milkshakes and soft drinks. Two family members started the company in 1940 as a small restaurant. The business expanded gradually to its present state (Gilbert, 2011). McDonalds has branches in about 120 countries all over the world and serves an average of about 69 million customers every day. The founders of the business were American Citizens and since the business was first in America, it has been associated with it since then. Even with its dramatic growth levels, it has retained its identity as an American fast food chain. Its name is patented and cannot be used by any other parties who want to make profits from their popular name.

Because of the origin and the history associated with the McDonalds chain of restaurants, it is certainly American. The spread of the chain all over the world is a superb example of globalization. This is because it has brought a feel of America to several countries where it is located in, as it is one of the key businesses associated wit the United States of America. In the case of music, different countries have varies genres of music that identify with their countries. Hip-hop is an example of a genre of music that is associated with the U.S. This genre comprises of the use of rhyming words that are often chanted accompanied by beats of a similar rhythm.

Hip-hop was developed as part of a culture that developed in the 1970’s especially among the members of the African American communities in America. Initially, the music only spoke of the lifestyles of the blacks but as its popularity grew, they began addressing issues that affected them as a community (Chang, 2005). Since the inception of this kind of music was in America, it is undeniably American and is part of the American culture. Globalization is essential in the world as it helps to foster good relationships between the countries of the world. References Chang, J.

(2005). Can’t stop, won’t stop: A history of the hip-hop generation. New York: St. Martin’s Press.

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(2010). Globalization and culture. Los Angeles: SAGE.

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