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Bureaucracy is an organisational or governmental construction wherein the ordinances and rules are set in a specified and stiff manner to command the activities within a group. Bureaucracy follows a standardised set of processs which its members are expected to follow in order to put to death undertakings. Bureaucracy is highlighted by its distinct features which put accent on hierarchy.

division of powers and relationships which translate to a formal political influence within the organisation. The modern twenty-four hours pattern of bureaucratism is set to towards making predetermined ends by lodging to stiff policies.Bureaucrats are expected to follow certain regulations and ordinances in order to guarantee a smooth work flow within the organisation ( “Bureaucracy and Adhocracy. ” n. vitamin D ) Bureaucracy under different types of authorities plants either for the benefit of the people. or their death. As such. there are certain values that bureaucrat representatives must take into history in order to expeditiously supply for the demands of the bulk.

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There are different values which administrative officials must be able adhere. These values are efficiency. answerability.

neutrality and reactivity to citizens among others.However. I personally believe that among these qualities and ends that a bureaucratic authorities must adhere. answerability and neutrality are two of the most of import.

Accountability within a authorities organic structure is ever of import. Government organic structures are elected because the bulk of the people have chosen them represent their demands in the society. And as such. in a bureaucratism or in any other signifier of authorities. the importance of seting the people foremost is ever a necessity ( Mises. 1969. pp.

42-60 ) . Accountability. if observed within a authorities translates into the other ends that bureaucratism should be accounted for.If authorities functionaries or administrative officials will keep themselves accountable for the demands of the people. so they besides render themselves antiphonal to the demands of the people who entrusted the authorities into leading.

Further. neutrality within the authorities system is every bit as of import. Leaderships of a state must. at all times. maintain neutrality – between the rich and hapless ; bulk and minority. In this manner. the rights of every person for a just and merely intervention in the society will ne’er be less prioritized.

The right to fair intervention in the tribunal or in the people’s day-to-day lives is one of the most of import facet that a authorities or organisation must supply to their people ( Mises. 1969. pp. 42-60 ) . Failure to supply the people with these two – answerability and neutrality – any authorities organic structure or organisation will work less decently and less effectual in turn toing the demands of the people. In add-on.

failure to do the people feel that the authorities is impersonal in covering with their people. and if the people felt that their authorities is less accountable to their demands and rights. people lose the trust they have for their authorities.Losing the trust of the people means that the organisation itself is non efficient and is non effectual into presenting the demands of the people.

Therefore. answerability and neutrality are two of the most distinguishable and of import ends that any authorities or bureaucratism must transfuse. Accountability and neutrality. if put into pattern. shall steer the authorities and the people to work expeditiously together.

These two values will render the authorities or organisational organic structure the credibleness towards the people under their regulation. And as such. credibleness shall besides gain leaders regard and trust from the people.

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