God has made himself known

Trying to describe god is like trying to describe the indescribable. It’s difficult to say that god has actually made himself known, because we haven’t actually seen him, but a Christian believer would say that god can be described as personal, impersonal, both imminent and transcendent. Sometimes god is also described as a personal being who intervenes in history to help and guide people in the right direction.

At other times he is describes in impersonal ways- distant from people, beyond their understanding and outside their material world.The religions of the world such as Islam use the Arabic word ‘Allah’ to describe their god. God is shown to be male, female, creator and destroyer. Some religions don’t allow people to make images as such, as they believe that there is a danger that people will start to worship the images and not god himself. Christians believe that Jesus was God, who came to live with people and share their lives. When they look at Jesus they believe they are looking at god, not physically but spiritually.’He is not far from each one of us, for in him we live and move and have our being’ Revelation 21.

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You could refer to the design argument put forward by William Palely. He said that someone walking in the countryside that suddenly came across a watch hidden in the grass having never seen one before would immediately be impressed by its detailed mechanism. A watch is surly not made by chance but instead points to the existence of an intelligent watchmaker who made it. I.e.


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