GOLD?!?!?! friend, James Lick was a merchant and

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GOLD?!?!?! Gold is discovered California?!?! Well it was 170 years ago! Gold rush was one of the best events in California. Do you know why? Well this report will tell you why this was an awesome time. This report will make you say Eureka!Routes There were significant different routes to reach the golden state. One of the routes was around the Cape Horn.

This route would take 6-8 months to reach the California destination. Another route that was commonly used was around the Cape Horn on a clipper ship, this would take 3-4 months. A shorter route to reach the golden bear state was across the Isthmus of Panama.

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It would take 2-3 months to reach California. Some people decided they weren’t doing to deal with seasickness or tossing and turning. They decided to go overland. This would take 3-5 months. While overland, one route was to take the Oregon trail. The Oregon trail came from Independence, Missouri all the way up to Oregon city. Some people took the trail all the way up to Oregon City and went south to reach San Francisco. Others took the Oregon trail and switched to the California trail.

 Entrepreneurs Have you ever ate a Ghirardelli chocolate? Or wore Levi jeans? Well the owners of these successful businesses participated in the Gold Rush. They all started off as miners. They searched for weeks and days on end.

Without any luck of finding loot. They decided miners needed clothes and chocolate! Levi Strauss created the Levi Strauss & Co after his luck was gone. He realized there was another way to make a living, being a merchant. He made fine jeans and overalls perfect for mining. These trousers were durable and lasted a long time. He first made his bell-bottoms out of heavy brown cloth.

Then later switched his material to blue denim and created the first denim blue jeans. He became successful without any gold! Domenico Ghirardelli brought to miners Ghirardelli chocolates. He already had a business running in Lima, Peru. His friend, James Lick was a merchant and had a shop. Lick traveled to California hoping to make more business. He brought some of Ghiradellis products to California as well.  Some time later, Lick told Ghirardelli his  product already sold out! Ghirardelli eventually moved to California just in time for the gold rush.                                                                   49ers The 49ers traveled to California in 1849.

One year after James Marshall found gold. During their travel, many 49ers died from many diseases including Yellow fever, Cholera, and Pneumonia. Yellow fever is a virus that people get from mosquitos. Cholera is a disease you get from drinking contaminated water.

Pneumonia is a disease that causes your lungs to flood with fluid.  But, the survivors continued their search for gold. Once they reached California,they claimed land. They used this claimed land to mine on and set camp. They mined all day and sometimes nights.

But some just took time in the night to enjoy cards and sitting and talking. It was also a good time to get to know each other. All the miners came from different countries, and were different races. There were rarely any women. People thought the goldfields weren’t for women or children. The 49ers often bought supplies and equipment from the merchants.

Some miners even bought Levi jeans or bought Ghirardelli chocolates to satisfy their sweet cravings. To conclude, the gold rush was a valuable time for some people in 1848. A lot of people became rich from the gold that was found.The gold rush was one of the most exciting times in California as it brought hope and money to people. As if today, you can still find gold in the rivers of California! Strike it Rich by: Brianna Hall

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