Good with extracurricular activities is beneficial on campus

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Last updated: December 21, 2019

Good grades are very important however being involved withextracurricular activities is beneficial on campus as well.

Why? You may ask. Itis beneficial because you learn more about yourself, build your people skills, addon to your resume, and giving back to the community. Engagingin a student club or activity presents opportunities for you to learn aboutyourself, your aspirations and your strengths, maybe even your weaknesses. Youcan grasp from your peers and how they confront situation; seeing firsthandwhat skills you possess ; multi-tasking, organizational skills, creativity orserving others. Being aware of what you good at could take have a magnificentimpact on your future career choice.

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Connectingwith others around you outside of class allows you to effectively build your “peopleskills.” Joining a club especially not only develops this skill but it broadenswhat you may already have. You will learn how to speak to individuals andlarger audiences. According to “An extracurricular activity is a good way for people to be social in amore relaxed environment. And they get to meet people with the same interests.

Being with other people who enjoy the same things can help your child feel likehe belongs.” You will also acquirea higher self-esteem about speaking and interacting with the ones around you. Itis extremely beneficial to be connected outside of the classroom because; you’llget a chance to enhance your resume. Showing an future employer youparticipated in other organizations on campus is showing you had grit and couldbe a potential leader.

According to Megan Dorsey, “Employersaren’t looking for a specific number of activities. Instead they want to seeskills, talents, and habits that indicate your potential as an employee. Youcan acquire and heighten these skills through extracurricular activities.” They will see you were a hardworking individual whocould handle multiple task and responsibilities other than just academics.

Manycampus clubs participate in community driven activities giving back in some wayshape or form. And if you join a club you would host events for the studentcommunity, volunteering you service, or drives for charity. All in all, good grades can getyou scholarships and give you a sash to put on your graduation gown that showsyou graduated with honors. Although it is quite an achievement, having workexperience, knowing people and having developed social skills, along withhaving a valuable work ethic, and giving back to your community is much moreimportant in the long run.

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