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Paul’s missionary journey was
Difficult — he suffers threats, stoning, illness, rejection, and imprisonment and Social — Paul heads a team of co-workers who create church networks

Which four NT books are anonymous?
Hebrews, 1 John, 2 John, 3 John

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In the New Testament, Paul’s letters are arranged
From longest to shortest

Acts records that Paul
Was a Roman citizen

The key function of an ancient letter was
To convey the real presence of the author

Paul usually follows this basic pattern when preaching
He targets urban, commercial settings

Paul is known for his focus on
Jesus’ death and resurrection

What are the main reasons that scholars suspect that some NT documents are pseudepigraphical?
Theological and biographical inconsistencies, The appearance of language or style that the author would not have used, Historical anachronisms in the letters

What three things describe Paul?
A Pharisee, a Jew, a martyr

Seven letters addressed to the church at large are called
The Catholic epistles

If 2 Thessalonians is pseudopigraphical, then it becomes
More difficult to date

Which of the following is not true about the Thessalonian Christians?
They are Paul’s first converts

Most scholars think that 1 Thessalonians is Paul’s
First canonical letter written

Paul’s main reason for writing the second letter to the Thessalonians is
To address a rumor that the day of the Lord has arrived

Which of the following is NOT a topic Paul addresses in 1 Thessalonians?
The Lord’s supper

The new teaching mentioned in 2 Thessalonians (but not in 1 Thessalonians) concerns
The coming lawless one

How is the tone of 2 Thessalonians different from that of 1 Thessalonians?
The tone is sharper/more urgent

How did other Gentiles view the newly converted Christians in Macedonia?
As irreligious and unpatriotic

In response to those among the believers in Thessalonica who have no desire to work, Paul tries all of the following except
Reminding them that faith without works is dead

Speaking generally, Paul seems to have presented the gospel of Christ to the Thessalonians as
A meaningful moral system that allowed people to live with integrity and dignity

What image does Paul use to address the divisions in the Corinthian church?
The body

Which does NOT describe the church in Corinth?
Ethnically and socially homogeneous

What characterization best describes the Corinthian congregation?
A fractious church with problems

In contrast to Corinthian claims to have special wisdom and knowledge, Paul claims the only thing worth knowing is
Christ and him crucified

Which of the following is an issue that divides the Corinthian church?
Boasting in sexual relationships, Eating food offered to idols, Taking one another to court, Marrying or remaining celibate

What three things describes ancient Corinth?
It was host of the Isthmian games, second in popularity only to the Olympics, it was capital of the province of Achaia, and it was prosperous because of its strategic geographical position

What date and location best describe the composition of 1 Corinthians
Written between 53 and 57 from Ephesus

In 1 Corinthians, Paul argues that God reveals God’s power through
Human weakness

True or false: Paul views resurrection as a spiritual resurrection, not a bodily one

In Corinthians, the “body of Christ” refers to
The Christians in Corinth

In 2 Corinthians, Paul’s relationship with the churches in Corinth is best described as
On the rocks and troubled

In 2 Corinthians, who says “be imitators of me”?

At a minimum, how many letters did Paul write to the Corinthians?

In 2 Corinthians, Paul argues that he is a better apostle than the super apostles because he has more:

When Paul discusses his ministry in 2 Corinthians, how does he characterize it?
Full of integrity and autharized by God, Characterized by suffering and tribulations

What is the basis for Paul’s apostleship — his claim to have been personally sent by Jesus?
Paul met the resurrected Lord Jesus in a vision

Part of the reason the Corinthians are upset with Paul, prompting him to write 2 Corinthians, is
Paul changed his travel plans regarding when he would visit Corinth, and Paul had a painful visit with them and wrote them a tearful letter that he regretted

Who are the “super apostles” mentioned in 2 Corinthians?
Jewish Christian ministers who challenged Paul’s authority based on worldly standards

Paul interprets the fund-raising (or collection) he takes in Corinth as a symbol of
A balance between poor and rich believers, a showing of unity among Jews and Gentiles, and an imitation of Christ who gave his very self

Why do scholars think that Paul’s arguments in 2 Corinthians won out against the other apostles’ in the long run?
The Corinthians eventually welcomed Paul back, as he wrote Romans from Corinth, the Corinthians preserved and copied Paul’s letters

True or false: Judaizers believe that anyone who would follow Christ must become Jews by following the laws of Torah and keeping Jewish dietary laws and the practice of circumcision

The Galatian churches consist mostly of
Gentile Christians

In the letter to the Galatians, Paul is so upset he leaves out what basic part of the letter?
The thanksgiving

Paul uses the story of two women who stand for two covenants in Galatians. Who are these two women?
Sarah and Hagar

Like the missionaries to Corinth, the opponents in Galatia attack Paul’s
Apostolic authority

In contrast to Paul, the opponents claim that the “good news” to the Gentiles is that they can become
Members of Israel

For Paul, a person is only really free when she is
“Free in Christ”

Which of the following is true about circumcision?
Jewish boys were circumcised on the eighth day, andit was the sign of the covenant between God and the Jews

Paul’s opponents seem to have argued that holiness comes from keeping the Torah. From what does Paul argue that holiness comes?
The Holy Spirit

Paul is so angry that he calls the Galatians
“You fools”

People have been unfaithful to God and destroyed the relationship between humanity and God. Jesus repairs this relationship. This is called

Paul likely writes Romans from
Corinth in the year 57 or 58

When Jesus restores believers to a right relationship with God, this is called

The term justification comes from what kind of language in the traditions of Israel?

Paul encourages the Roman Christians to give money for a collection to be offered for
The care of the poor in Jerusalem

True or false: The New Perspective on Paul claims that Paul is less interested in combating “works righteousness” and more interested in the universal scope of the gospel.


For what is Phoebe known in Romans?
Delivering Paul’s letter to the Romans, based on her position as a deacon or minister and benefactor

For what reason was Paul writing to the churches in Rome?
To ask for contributions to the collection, to gain support for his next missionary journey, to introduce himself to the Roman churches, and to offer theological advice on specific problem

Paul interprets this ritual as the believer’s participation in Christ’s death, burial, and resurrection.

The theological view, rooted in temple sacrifice, that says people have sinned against God and God therefore demands a sacrifice to set the relationship right again is called

One main reason some scholars think Colossians may not be written by Paul is
Colossians has a different style from Paul and a more developed theology

According to Acts, Paul has a very difficult time in Ephesus and makes many enemies there. What does Paul do that disturbs the Ephesians?
He denounced idolatry, interrupting the buying and selling of idols

In English Bibles, Paul’s letter to the Ephesians is addressed “to the saints who are in Ephesus and are faithful in Christ Jesus.” Some of the oldest Greek manuscripts are missing a few of these words.

Which are the missing words?

In Ephesus

What is “realized eschatology”?
Belief that the blessings of the end times are available in the present life

The “mystery” referred to in Ephesians concerns
God’s plan to unite all people in Christ

According to the theology of Ephesians, Jesus’ death on the cross accomplishes all of the following except
Bringing immediate equity to poor and widows

Why do scholars relate Colossians to Philemon?
Both letters are written from prison, both letters are sent from “Paul and Timothy”, and both letters mention the same seven people

True or false: Many scholars think Ephesians was written for widespread distribution among Christians churches, not just the church in Ephesus.

Colossians is closest in content and themes to which of the other thirteen Pauline letters?

Ephesus often earned the title neokoros for the region around the city. This title indicates that
Ephesus served as the official headquarters for the imperial cult

All of the following statements about Philemon are true
Philemon hosts a church in his home, Philemon is probably a wealthy slave owner, Philemon usually practices generous hospitality

Paul counsels Euodia and Syntyche to
Have the same mind in Christ

According to the book of Acts, Paul’s first convert in Philippi was

Paul uses many arguments to convince Philemon to do him a favor. Which of the following is one of those arguments?
Paul will pay the debt Onesimus owes

Paul uses the metaphor of a footrace in his letter to the Philippians.

This metaphor illustrates Paul’s point that

Believers, like runners, should forget what lies behind and race to the goal

In what positive ways does Paul interpret his imprisonment for the Philippians?
Paul’s imprisonment has advanced the gospel,Paul is now actively sharing in Christ’s suffering

About what percentage of people were slaves in the first-century Mediterranean world?

The Christ Hymn in Philippians 2:6-11 is one of the earliest literary references to
Jesus’ preexistence

Philemon is counted in which category of Pauline letters?

All of the following are true descriptions of Philippi except
Paul had a strained relationship with the church in Philippi

How does Titus assist Paul in Corinth?
Titus successfully reconciled Paul and the Corinthians

Christians today can assume that the designations used for church officials in the Pastoral Epistles correspond in role to the same designations in the modern world.

The Pastoral Letters are so named because they are
Addressed to individuals who oversee a set of churches

Timothy and Titus were
Paul’s emissaries

Generally speaking, the letter to Timothy and Titus deal with two threats: persecution and
False Teaching

Which of the following is NOT a reason why some scholars question whether Paul wrote the Pastoral Epistles?
The description of church government is more primitive than churches during Paul’s lifetime

Scholars agree that the Pastoral Epistles’ instructions about women being silent indicate divinely-mandated gender roles.

From Paul’s letters, we can say that Timothy was all of the following except
Chosen to be bishop of Macedonia

Second Timothy presumes what about Paul’s circumstances?
Paul is in Rome, awaiting execution

First Timothy offers guidelines and qualifications for how to choose
Bishops and deacons

All of the following phrases characterize the human Christ in Hebrews except
Baptized by John in the wilderness

Which of the following is NOT true about the original audience of Hebrews?
They are first generation Christians

Some scholars think that Hebrews is a

Hebrews presents Christians as a people on a journey and expresses this idea in the
Pilgrimage motif

The author of Hebrews is

One idea that is unique to Hebrews is that
Jesus learned obedience and grew in faithfulness

The Christian doctrine that God became a human being in the person of Jesus Christ is called

Jesus existed before creation

Hebrews interprets suffering and shame to be
Forms of divine discipline, and God’s way of teaching obedience

Hebrews 7 claims that Jesus is a priest in the order of

Paul and James agree that
Faith is realized in action

The letter of James has a lot in common with what other kind of literature?
Wisdom literature

James’s letter, more than any other New Testament letter, quotes
Jesus’ sayings

In the letter of James, all of the following are true about God except
God often tempts believers to test them

According to many Christians and scholars, who is James’ target audience?
Christians living outside of Palestine

All of the following are true about James, Jesus’ brother, except
He “believed in Jesus” during Jesus’ ministry

James is called a “Catholic Epistle” because
The letter was addressed to the whole church

What is James’s advice to people in the church when a rich person enters the sanctuary?
Treat rich and poor people equally

True or false: Scholars usually understand James as responding not to Paul’s teachings but to a misunderstanding of Paul’s teachings.

When James directly addresses his readers as “you” he is using a Greek rhetorical device called

To the extent that Revelation is prophecy, it should be read as a communication intended primarily for people
Living at the time when it was written

In the Johannine writings (3 letters and 1 Gospel), the early church is still working out which doctrines?
Christ’s humanity and divinity

Which of the following information do we know about 1, 2, and 3 John?
The early church associated them with the Gospel of John

Most scholars think Revelation was written under Domitian around 95 CE, even though
Persecution of Christians was not widespread under Domitian

The first letter of John discusses all of the theological tensions mentioned below except
Welcoming sheep and goats into the church

All of the following are common in apocalyptic literature except
Chronological stories

1.0 PointsTrue or false: Revelation both constructs a sociopolitical critique of wealth and access and presents readers with the choice to worship God or the beast.

Apocalypse means

Christ returns before the millennium and the saints rule with him for 1000 years after the second coming but before the judgment

Christ returns after the millennium; prior to this return, the saints will evangelize the world and rule it in peace for 1000 years

Christ returns without any literal millennium; the saints experience spiritual victory symbolized in Revelation as a triumph equivalent to a 1000-year reign

What imagery below does not occur in both 1 John and the Gospel of John?
Victorious lamb

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