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Last updated: October 17, 2019

Government jobs: Name: Course: Institution: Instructor: Date: GOVERNMENT JOBS Social worker Job description Social workers engage themselves in activities such as offering guidance and counseling services to troubled people. Most of them work in juvenile courts and others are employed as teachers and researchers. In addition, they help people by providing medical care, food, shelter and clothing. They also work in the retirement homes, nursing homes assisting the people in these homes.

Training and education requirements It is essential for the social workers to possess master’s degrees in social work. Few positions are available for those with degrees. Those who have doctorates usually get the chance to teach and do researches. Most of the social workers have knowledge in sociology and psychology. The graduates also require experience in the social work field. Therefore, the students have to work in hospitals and schools in order to get experience in this field. As they start working, they learn from the experienced workers.

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After being supervised for at least two years, they can then join the academy of certified social workers. In addition, a license requirement is required before practice. Location requirements The social workers are required to live in the places they are posted. This enables them to perform their works well and with ease. Therefore, when a social worker is posted in a different location, he will have to move and reside in that location. In addition, they will have to reside in places where they find favorable in terms of house rent.

Social workers receive different salaries depending on their expertise and education level. Therefore, a social worker who receives minimum salary will have to reside in affordable houses. Career highlights The minimum expected salary of a social worker is $47000. Social workers are needed in the schools, jails, communities, hospitals and courts. This profession can be challenging and frustrating. This is because some of the people the social workers deal with are always hesitant to share their problems. This makes the social workers have a hard time in their work.

The social workers should be sensitive, understanding, good listeners and mature. They should be good at handling disappointments and stress. They usually work for a maximum time of thirty hours a week. In case they work overtime, they are compensated. They should also have exceptional communication skills and be diverse in terms of race, ethnicity and gender in order to serve the community well. In addition, the social workers should comply with the code of ethics that defines their obligation, promotes equal access to care and encourages the conditions that encourage respect for social and cultural diversity.

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