Abraham Lincoln

Civil War Essay

Civil War BY credd5280 Civil War Essay Prior to reading the book The Killer Angels by Michael Shaara I must say that I was extremely ignorant to the topic of the Civil War. If someone were to ask me why the Civil War took place I would say plain and simple, “slavery. ” Although slavery was the main cause for the war, I didn’t understand how or why the topic

Abraham Lincolns plans for reconstruction of United States

 In the U.S., the reconstruction era was the one that constituted the historic transformation of this country after it was faced with the civil war. Also, reconstruction constituted the transformation of Southern part of the U.S as the requirement of the Congress. This paper will mainly focus on the Abraham Lincoln’s plans for the reconstruction of the United States.  In 1865, Abraham Lincoln signed a bill that was meant to establish

Kate to all women for being one of

Kate Warne, the first female detective in the United States, born in 1833, grew up in Erin Cheung County, New York. Not much is known about her mother or her father, but she was not the only child. Kate Warne is an inspiration to all women for being one of the very first private eye detectives. Allan, director of the agency, greatly appreciated Kate, he said “In my service you

AGS World Literature

Jonathan Swift An Irish satirist and a cleric Mark Twain An American humorist who wrote of life on the Mississippi, among other things. Abraham Lincoln Gave a brief, famous speech on an important battlefield. Dave Berry Newspaper columnist who has won a Pulitzer prize for his humorous writing. Hansjorg Martin German detective story writer. Sholom Alecihem Wrote of Jewish village life, often in a humorous way. Leo Slezak Opera performer

Literary Terms: Figures of Speech

Allusion an indirect or passing reference to an event, person, place or artistic work that the author assumes the reader will understand Anachronism an event, object, custom, person or thing that is out of its natural order of time. A clock strikes in Julius Caesar. Analogy a comparison of similar things, often to explain something unfamiliar with something familiar. (the branching of a river system is often explained using a

US History Chapter 14

When the House voted on the Wilmot Proviso, the vote was split along Sectional Lines How did southerners react to Lincoln’s victory in the presidential election of 1860? They launched a movement to secede from the Union. The Republicans were successful in the election of 1860 because they were able to win decisively in the North. Nativists disliked Irish and German immigrants because so many of the immigrants were Roman

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