chador?A covers the hair, neck and the rest

chador?Afull-length cloak worn by Muslimwomen which covers the hair, neck and the rest of the body down to the floor,but leaves the face open. This item of clothing is most common in Iran, but itcan be seen throughout the world and in most Muslim countries where fullcoverage is not required.Charter of Medina, Constitution of Medina, Medina Charter?A peace treaty drafted bythe Prophet Muhammad to end thefighting and animosity between all

Human rights – abortion

The right to abortion has been recognised in the USA since 1973, following the Supreme Court decision of Roe v Wade. The decision was seven judges to two, so was a clear majority. Despite this it is still a very controversial decision that is continually facing attack, even now on its 30th anniversary. In this case the Supreme Court held that it was unconstitutional to deprive the woman of a

Why, Despite the Good Friday Agreement is There Still Trouble and Conflict in Northern Ireland

Despite the arrival of troops in Northern Ireland in 1969, sectarian violence in the country continued. On April 10th, 1998, leaders of main Irish political parties, as well as the British Prime Minister and other politically or militarily significant figures signed the Good Friday Agreement. Its aim was to end violence and terrorism and provide a new framework for governments in Northern Ireland.These were its main points:* There would be

The Nazis in the period Jan-March 1933

The Nazis could not have risked using simply terror and intimidation to consolidate their hold on power once Hitler was elected. They had operated with the tactic of the “legal revolution” for the previous ten years and this was what had brought them to government. Reverting back to their original putschist tactics that had failed before would have been a disastrous move now they had obtained some power. In fact

To What extent was it Hitler that enabled the Nazis rise to power

Adolf Hitler acquired supreme authority of Germany by making the Nazi party as his powerbase to rise to power. The Nazis came to power due to a collection of factors and coincident that Hitler was able to take advantage of, however it can be argued that it was Hitler’s personality that felicitated the Nazis rise to power. Hitler was believed to have had a unique personality and character which ultimately

The President, Congress and Principle

Name: Instructor: Course: Date: The President, Congress and Principle The president commands immense power and is sometimes asked to make life-changing decisions. Congress is also mandated by the constitution to endorse the actions of the president. For example, the president, as the commander in chief of the armed forces, can only send the army to war after receiving an authorization from congress, or in the event of an attack on

Failed Amendments

Failed Amendments The Amendments were proposed in 1789. There were 17 articles of amendment but they were reduced to 12 and others were rejected. Today, there are 27 amendments in the constitution. Most people know the first 10, which are known as The Bill of Rights. Through the years, the amendments have been tried to be changed or improved by the government. Some amendments are accepted and some are still

The knew that his brother wouldn’t let him.

The guy on the $100 bill” we may all refer to him as. He used his intellect and humor to win friendship which built up French support  for the American independence struggle ( was a very skillful man. He was skilled at manipulating the Official French perceptions of America. As an American envoy, Franklin, took plains to display the traits of honesty, altruism, and common sense that were reflected in

It give rise practical actions on the behalf

It may be factual that Islamas a religion and as a body of knowledge has presented its believers with a thoroughconstitution of ethics for all the fields of life. However ethical rules andregulations alone will not shape or augment the future of any community encounteringthe global environmental crises we are now facing.In more precise words it canbe said that if beliefs or notions do not give rise practical actions on

Right that aadhaar is unconstitutional. How is Aadhaar

Right to Privacy: What Data Safety means to the Aadhaar Nation  Taking into account the current scenario, there is a massive need to maintain the interest of the state and the privacy of the citizens. Indians are fretting over the dire consequences, in case the aadhaar data is leaked in a ‘networked’ world.  A constitution bench consisting of five judges were set up to draw a clean line between the

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