Thomas Jefferson

America’s Oldest Blueprint: The U.S. Constitution

In regards to the interpretation of the United States Constitution, President Woodrow Wilson once said, “The Constitution was not made to fit us like a straightjacket. In its elasticity lies chief greatness”. After the document’s ratification in 1788, controversies arose as to how the document should be interpreted in regards to its malleability. President Wilson, along with many others, believed that the Constitution was simply a blueprint that could be

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If Thomas Jefferson and Benjamin Franklin were alive today, theywould fight for freedom of the Internet – like they defended the freedom of thepress – and oppose the end of Net Neutrality.Imagine a future whereyour monthly Internet costs as much as your mortgage payment, or every time youtry to go to a website not in your Internet package you are stopped by afirewall and prompted to pay another $100 to

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Thomas Jefferson oncesaid, “I hold it that a little rebellion now and then, is a good thing…”  Daniel Shays believed that people should havea voice in the decision of the state. Rebellion was his only option. DanielShays is an eighteenth century rebel, who led a rebellion against taxes imposedby the state of Massachusetts. (      Before Shays’ rebellion actually got itsstart, several local farmers came together in order to create a

Adventures in American Literature

The Age of Reason Revolutionary period using reason allowed people to govern themselves without authorities.Reason thrived on freedomLittle interest in supernatural/hereafter What were the main literary topics during the age of reason? Science, Ethics & Government How did literature help to fight the American Revolution/ pamphlets, essays, speeches, songs etc Boston Massacre Americans refused to pay increasing taxes, English sent 800 soldiers into boston. 5 killed Boston Tea Party English

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The Declaration ofIndependence was a document written by Thomas Jefferson, one of the FoundingFathers, as a statement to the United States of America, the King of England,and the rest of world. The messages that were written throughout the documenthad a massive impact as they showed that the United States of America werereinstating their independence, but through a eloquent, well written way.The Declaration ofIndependence stated to the world that the British

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