Grade 7 – Poetry – Figures of Speech (Poetic terms) – Review

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Last updated: December 13, 2019
The repetition of initial consonant sound three or more times. (occasionally the consonent is only repeated twice.) Ex: to Sit in Solemn Silence

A brief reference to a presumably famiiliar place, event or figure from history, literature, mythology or the Bible. An allusion is a reference the author expects the reader to know and adds to the reader’s understanding. Ex: His fury matched that of Zeus

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An exaggeration of fact used for emphasis.

It is exaggeration for the sake of effect and not meant to be taken literally. Ex: We checked miles of figures thousands of times and couldn’t find the mistake

Concrete, specific descriptions within a literary work that have a sensory appeal for the reader. The five senses are used to create the image.

A comparison in which one things is said to be another. It does not use like, as or than. Sometimes an adjective or verb is used to imply the comparison.

Ex: the man wolfed his meal.

Words made to imitate the sound they make. Ex: bubble, screech, murmur, splat

Giving human qualities to non human things as in an object, animal, quality or idea

Repeating words or phrases two, three or more times for effect. Ex: The highway man came ridding, ridding, ridding ….


Comparing two unlike things to show how they are the same. Uses like, as, or than. Ex: He is as brave as a lion.

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